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PEI Media is proud to announce our LP Alliance Program. The LP Alliance Program is a renewable, year-long membership for Institutional Investors in PE, VC, Real Estate, Private Debt and other alternative assets fund managers, providing exclusive access to Buyouts and Venture Capital Journal content and custom, 1-on-1 networking with GPs through our PE Connect meetings platform.

For the past 10 years the 2,500+ LPs in our network have looked to PEI and our PartnerConnect events as a way to meet new GPs, stay connected with their peers, and learn from some of the best minds in the business. Now, we bring that same best-in-class content and bespoke, hand-picked LP-GP networking to you 365 days a year, through the LP Alliance Program.

Your LP Alliance Program membership includes:


  • 24-Hour Access to our Meetings Portal: Every member of our community – both LPs and GPs – completes a 10-question Meetings Profile detailing their firm’s investment strategy and goals. Your Meetings Profile is your “calling card” and is visible to other members of the community (**though we do not disclose your name and contact information), and you get to view theirs as well. You also get to request meetings with GPs who meet your strategy. The meetings take place virtually – right inside the Meetings Portal – or in-person, at our events (see below).
  • Free Access to PEI information service of your choice: LPs who join the LP Alliance Program and commit to engaging in our 1-on-1 meetings program – taking 12 virtual meetings with our GPs via our matching program over the course of a year – will receive free online access to any of PEI’s world-class publications, including Private Equity International, Buyouts and VCJ.
  • Hand-Picked GP Introductions: Through your LP Alliance Program membership you will gain access to our network of middle- and lower-middle market PE, VC, Real Estate, and Debt funds for targeted, efficient, 1-on-1 due diligence meetings that you can hand-select based on your investment strategy. Meet with the GPs you want, when you want.
  • 1 Free Pass to an in-person PartnerConnect Event: Join us onsite, complimentary, for one of our PartnerConnect events and connect in-person with hundreds of your peers and new GPs (as and when in-person events return).
  • 1 Free pass to a virtual PEI event: choose from our global offering of premier virtual networking experiences with the leading GPs and LPs across a range of alternative asset classes


Hear from previous attendees

Mina Pacheco Nazemi


Connect is a great way to connect with as many GPs and LPs in private equity. It is an opportunity to meet new investors and reconnect with GPs to close deals.…

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Doug Mellinger

Clarion Capital Partners LLC

The one on one meetings organized by the Connect team has produced some valuable new relationships and is a great use of time due to the professionalism of the…

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Lester Duke

Atlantic Trust

The Connect program is a mutually beneficial service to both the LP and GP communities by helping each party make initial contact, screen and perform preliminar…

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If you’re a GP

Scheduling a roadshow can be brutal. Countless man hours and tens of thousands of dollars go into traveling across the country, setting up meetings, rescheduling, then rescheduling again….and so on. With our LP Alliance program, we do all that work for you. Simply show up online, and you’ll have a roster of 5, 10, 15 or more 1:1 LP meetings that we’ve arranged for you. The time and hassle you avoid is incalculable.


Andrew C. Yale
Business Development | Buyouts
Phone: +1 646 989 8025

If you’re a LP

Let’s face it, it’s hard to find the right managers, and it can’t be done by staying in your office looking at spreadsheets. No matter how comprehensive an LP’s research is, nothing compares with sitting down with managers face to face. With our LP Alliance program, you’ll have the opportunity to take your pick of 50-60 fund managers of all sizes, strategies and geographies.



Grant Catton
Director of LP Relations | Buyouts
Phone: +1 646 356 4530