The largest global event for private equity value creators

Now in its ninth year, Private Equity International’s Operating Partners Forum: New York is the single largest event in the world specifically dedicated to anyone concerned about private equity portfolio operational assessment and value creation.

The Forum continues to draw the most established operating partners on stage as well as in the audience, giving delegates a chance to discuss effective, practical strategies that they can implement right away.

Attendees will have extensive opportunities to network, build relationships and compare best practices with their peers and leaders who helped define the role, grow the field and influence its future direction.

Forum highlights this year include:

  • Three think tank group sessions for operating partners only: emerging operating partners, seasoned operating partners, and human capital operating partners
  • Interactive roundtables focused on key value creation areas: digitalization & technology, human capital, leadership, sales & go-to-market strategy, pricing, cost reduction, procurement and more
  • The Operating Partners Human Capital Forum: A half day dedicated to operating partner specialists in human capital
  • What makes a great operating partner?
  • Operating partner perspectives and insights on digital transformation and its impact
  • Data analytics to monitor and improve portfolio performance
  • Best practices for talent acquisition and development
  • Relationships between the investment team and the operating team
  • Operating partner-CEO alignment and how to get leadership right
  • CEO perspectives in looking at accelerating growth and driving transformations
  • How to deal with turnarounds and distressed situations
  • How to drive top line value creation initiatives and engage with portfolio companies
  • Cybersecurity and resiliency: what to do if it happens to your business?
  • Women in private equity portfolio operations breakfast
  • AI and robotic automation for value creation
  • How software and AI are changing the future of finance

Keynote interview | Increasing asset value and managing risk in long term investments

Mark Sotir
Equity Group Investments

As Co-President, Mark oversees all aspects of EGI. He focuses on maximizing and sustaining the value of the firm’s investment portfolio, and on optimizing Sam’s vast network. With nearly 20 years of board and CEO experience, Mark employs his leadership inside and outside our firm. He manages and develops our corporate investment team and deploys Sam’s active-ownership approach by engaging with portfolio company management to improve business strategies and operating structures, aligning all toward achieving optimum shareholder value.

Do you have the right value creation resources in place to make the case when investors come calling?

Create the most operationally efficient portfolio companies

Hear first-hand perspectives on how to further develop your operational efficiencies by looking at successful models.

Network with 300+ top value creators

Meet with the largest community of operational experts in one place over 2 days.

Learn key strategies for cross-portfolio initiatives

Find the right tools and knowledge to create value.

Past attendees have said

A quote icon for decorating the content David Dougherty, Synergy

It was exceptional for me. I am working to become an operating partner and I got more done to that end through the panels and networking than I have on my own i…

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A quote icon for decorating the content Greg J Pappas, Berkshire Partners

In my view, this is the foremost event where the largest ecosystem of partners, suppliers and resources gather annually.

A quote icon for decorating the content Mark Hannigan, CEO, Fortior Ventures Inc.

Wonderful event that delivered on my objectives and was good value for money.

Previous attendees included

Accel-KKR Consulting Group
AEA Investors
Alberta Investment Management Corp. (AIMCo)
Angeles Equity Partners
Arsenal Capital Partners
Baring Private Equity Asia
BlueMountain Capital Management
Boyne Capital
Bregal Sagemount
Brentwood Associates
BV Investment Partners
The Carlyle Group
Fondo de Fondos
Francisco Partners Consulting
GI Partners
Golden Gate Capital
Hammond, Kennedy, Whitney & Co.
HIG Capital
High Road Capital Partners
KSL Capital Partners
Leonard Green & Partners
Lion Capital
Nautic Partners
OMERS Private Equity
Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan
Renovo Capital
The Riverside Company
Scale Venture Partners
Sightway Capital
Southfield Capital
Sun Capital Partners
Vector Capital

Meet the Advisory Board

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View all speakers


Visit our co-located Operating Partners Human Capital Forum New York 2019


The Operating Partners Human Capital Forum will bring together an elite crowd of top human capital value creators and operating partner specialists.


2018 agenda

View each tab below to explore 2018’s agenda, packed full with insightful panel discussions and powerful networking breaks for the leaders in value creation.

For speaking opportunities for 2019, contact Marc Mele at or call +1 646 581 9295.

Day 1 Day 2
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Day 1 - Wednesday 17th

Plenary session
07:45 - 08:30

Registration and breakfast

08:30 - 08:40

Chairman's welcome

Jim Howland, Managing Director and Operating Partner, Morgan Stanley Capital Partners

08:40 - 09:10

Panel | Operating and deal partner synergies throughout the entire investment life cycle

  • Discuss synergies in all phases of the investment life cycle (Due diligence, Finance, Purchase/On-Boarding, Monitoring & Exit)
  • Leadership assessments and value creation opportunities in the due diligence phase
  • Onboarding, interim CXOs, and value creation platforms in the purchase phase
  • Boards and portfolio reviews in the monitor phase

Michael Kohlsdorf, President, Francisco Partners Consulting

Timothy Meyer, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Angeles Equity Partners
Deep Shah, Co-President, Francisco Partners
Achi Yaffe, Director, Portfolio Operations, GI Partners

09:10 - 09:40

Panel | Commercial transformations as the number one driver of value creation

  • Examining successful commercial transformations that drive value growth
  • Commercial transformations and the associated acceleration of profitable revenue growth as the number 1 driver of value creation over a 5-year holding period
  • Looking at how one finds the buttons to push to accelerate growth and how these commercial transformations can be successfully implemented
  • Dissecting changes to many interdependent components in the commercial organization—structure, roles/responsibilities, leadership, go-to-market model, skill sets, processes and tools

Jim Corey, Managing Partner, Blue Ridge Partners

Bob Lemmond, Chief Commercial Officer, Clarivate Analytics
Andy Studdert, Former Chairman and CEO, NES Rentals

09:40 - 10:10

Panel | Operating Partner 3.0: evolution of the operating partner model within the PE industry

  • Comparing operational models: generalists vs specialists
  • How PE firms add value through operating partners: where is the industry going? What is working and what is not?
  • Career advice: how operating partners carve out their own role and create their path
  • What makes a great private equity operating partner today? What will the operating partner of the future look like?
  • Looking at fees and compensation structures: full-time on-staff operating partners vs. 1099

Jay Bartlett, Managing Director, Co-head of Private Equity, EY-Parthenon

Cory Eaves, Operating Partner, General Atlantic
Jim Howland, Managing Director and Operating Partner, Morgan Stanley Capital Partners
Gregg Kaplan, Operating Partner, PPC Partners

10:10 - 10:30

Networking break

10:30 - 11:00

Panel | Driving change and value creation by focusing on people and financial performance

  • Leading organizations and people through significant change
  • Discuss why transformation typically fails
  • Explore how to evaluate and positively impact financial performance
  • Discuss importance of aligning financial metrics and the strategy, people, and operations that drive them

Beth R. Chase, Senior Managing Director, Ankura

Connor McGauley, Vice President Patient Engagement & Analytics, US Anesthesia Partners
Linda Sanford, Former Operating Executive, The Carlyle Group
Maria Sastre, Retired President, Signature Flight Support

11:00 - 11:30

Case study | Taking a deeper dive into the digital side of things

  • Case study | Taking a deeper dive into the digital side of things
  • Success stories in implementing digital transformations
  • Uncovering the challenges and risks of transitioning to digital: how can digital be disruptive and beneficial?
  • Identifying and understanding digital areas for innovation where they are necessary
  • Utilizing digital reports effectively

Sean Epstein, Head of Private Equity EMEA, MEE & Greater China, SAP

Georgette Kiser, Managing Director and Chief Information Officer, The Carlyle Group

11:30 - 12:00

Case Study | Pricing and monetization: converting opportunities into profits

  • How to spot pricing opportunities during diligence
  • Maximizing the impact of pricing in your value creation programs
  • Recent experience with how the IoT unlocks new monetization & investment strategies

Brad Soper, Partner & Board Member, Simon Kucher & Partners

Kurt Smith, Operating Vice President, Accel-KKR Consulting Group

12:00 - 12:30

Panel | Lessons learned and critical success factors in going from trouble to transformation

  • Operational improvement: uncovering weaknesses in how you conduct business
  • Restructuring operating models to achieve double digit impact on EBITDA
  • Enterprise improvement cost reduction: firsthand accounts of operational improvements and cost take outs to fund top line growth

Markus Lahrkamp, Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal

William Frank, Operating Partner, Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe
Jesse Hermann, Operating Partner, Court Square Capital Partners
Paul Ilse, Senior Operating Partner, Francisco Partners Consulting

12:30 - 13:30

Networking luncheon

Breakout Series I
13:30 - 14:10

Track 1 | The RPA and cognitive journey: where are you?

  • Why automate with RPA and cognitive technology?
  • Bot 1.0. Starting the journey
  • Bot 2.0. Bot vision and scaling
  • Bot 3.0. Advancing to cognitive
  • Next steps – where are you on the journey?

Keith Moore, Operating Partner, Wynnchurch Capital
Chip Wagner, President – Global Business Advisory Services & Emerging Services, ISG (Information Services Group)

13:30 - 14:10

Track 2 | Digitalization and advanced pricing: what’s next?

  • Digitalization of all customer facing activities
  • How to improve pricing concepts: integrating data to price better
  • Understanding the more advanced levels and specific areas of pricing
  • Leveraging advanced data and techniques to develop pricing models that extract maximum value

Adam Echter, Senior Director, Simon-Kucher & Partners

David Buckley, Operating Principal, General Atlantic
Prital Kadakia, Principal, Growth Team, Serent Capital
Kurt Smith, Operating Vice President, Accel-KKR Consulting Group

13:30 - 14:10

Track 3 | What procurement operating model fits best with your portfolio?

  • Which are most effective: individual company vs. cross-portfolio procurement programs
  • Why spend visibility is the foundation of any procurement program
    How to influence procurement decisions without a “mandate-driven” approach
  • Where GPO solutions make sense and where they do not
  • How to translate projected savings into realized EBITDA impact and valuation enhancement

Jake Wojcik, Senior Vice President, Insight Sourcing Group & SpendHQ

Lily Chang, Chief Portfolio Services Officer, Leonard Green & Partners
Ricardo Gonzalez, Operating Partner, New Mountain Capital
Thomas Nolan, Operating Director, Portfolio Support, Berkshire Partners
Luis Sosa, Operating Director, Private Equity Investment Consulting, Apollo Global Management

13:30 - 14:10

Track 4 | Eliminating costly misalignment between PE owners and portco CEOs

  • Improving CEO assessments during the investment due diligence, building robust CEO succession plans, and supporting your portfolio company CEOs more effectively during the first 100 days
  • What’s most important in a CEO? Is your CEO able to execute the PE firm’s new business strategy?
  • When unplanned, what is the impact and cost of CEO turnover?
  • What tools are most effective in performing leadership and cultural assessments?

Ted Bililies, Managing Director and Chief Talent Officer, AlixPartners

Jerry Garrett, President and CEO, SPC
Kevin Keough, Managing Director, Investcorp
Kathy Krone, Managing Director, Thomas H. Lee Partners
Kate Malcolm, Portfolio Manager, Private Funds & Asset Management, Alberta Investment Management Corp (AIMCo)

Breakout Series II
14:10 - 14:50

Track 5 | Advanced operational data analytics in monitoring portfolio performance

  • Utilizing data ingestion tools to collect data across as many ERP and CRM systems and produce meaningful analytics
  • Achieving visibility across companies and the portfolio overall
  • Making quick yet informed decisions via rapid analytics platforms
  • Integrating systems and effectively expanding your toolkit to cover portfolio risks

Sean Adkins, Managing Director, West Monroe Partners

Deborah Kerr, Senior Advisor, Warburg Pincus
Levi Reeves, Vice President of Corporate Development, Service Logic

14:10 - 14:50

Track 6 | What makes a great Chief Revenue Officer?

  • Talent profile – preferred CRO attributes, skills and experiences
  • Mandate – critical imperatives (e.g. driving better integration between revenue-related functions)
  • Success – requirements for driving performance across the entire customer journey

Chris Semain, Principal, Alexander Group

Mark Emery, Senior Operating Partner, The Jordan Company
Ray Villareal, Partner, Strattam Capital
Ken Weaver, Managing Director, TVV Capital

14:10 - 14:50

Track 7 | Grow or die: profit-driven digital marketing to scale your brand

To maximize growth, companies need to leverage digital marketing strategies based on customer lifetime value (LTV). This profit-driven marketing approach challenges businesses to better understand who their most valuable clients are and scale more efficiently. By rethinking traditional KPIs and taking advantage of data-driven insights, businesses can see growth where it matters:

  • Understand how customer cohorts can help you find more of your best customers
  • Learn how to leverage these groups through Google and Facebook
  • Discover how to rethink overall budget allocation to increase customer LTV
  • Prioritize profit and adjust your digital marketing strategy accordingly

Bob Schwartz, Vice Chairman, Wpromote

Anthony Choe, Founder, Provenance
Jeremy Muras, SVP, Digital, Lion Capital
Jay Sung, Operating Partner and CMO, Brentwood Associates

14:10 - 14:50

Track 8 | Deploying Lean and Six Sigma in a short-term, private equity-based timeframe to drive tangible EBITDA impacts

Traditional Lean & Six Sigma implementations require years and a large investment. Often times Lean & Six Sigma focus on driving waste and variability reductions, but don’t show results in the financials. Here we will dissect:

  • What are some of the best practices focused on leveraging these tools in a manner more aligned with a PE time horizon
  • How do companies maximize these methodologies to provide tangible results?
  • How do you ensure organizational alignment and sustainability of improved performance?

John Broderick, Operating Partner, Argosy Private Equity
Bart Kelly, Principal, Crowe

Breakout Series III
14:50 - 15:30

Track 9 | Effective initiatives when scrutinizing M&A risks and opportunities

  • Looking at opportunities in tech M&As
  • Understanding what has changed in IT diligence and what to look out for
  • What is driving this change and what are the risks?
  • De-risking M&A by putting customers at the center of your diligence and integration plans
  • Using IT and new ERP systems as a source of value

Riley Scott, Principal, Head of M&A Practice, Liberty Advisor Group

Michael Rich, Former Executive Vice President, Nuance
Lior Yahalomi, Former Managing Director, Operations, Versa Capital Management

14:50 - 15:30

Track 10 | Working with management to optimize the sales organization

  • Measuring the ROI on sales expenditures—how good is any given sales organization from an economic perspective?
  • Finding simple yet effective ways to improve the output from the current level of sales expenditure
  • Adapting to changes in the way customers want to buy, including wanting to see your sales rep less often

Michael Smith, Senior Managing Director, Blue Ridge Partners

Jason Grapski, Operating Director, Portfolio Support, Berkshire Partners
Alex Lizcano, Vice President, Industry Value Creation, Partners Group
Asaad Salhab, Managing Director, Gulf Capital

14:50 - 15:30

Track 11 | Supply Chain as a growth lever

  • Evaluating the second largest, often hidden, expense in most organizations during deal due diligence
  • A key value creation strategy component of the 100-day plan
  • Demystifying the Supply Chain: the golden metrics that measure readiness for profitable growth
  • Transforming supply chain into a sustainable business competency

Wendy Buxton, President, LynnCo Supply Chain Solutions

Danielle Lalli, Vice President, Huron Capital
Nicholas Martino, Partner, High Road Capital Partners
Dave Muhlenkamp, Operating Partner, The Jordan Company

14:50 - 15:30

Track 12 | Creating a roadmap that goes way beyond the 100-day plan

  • How are 100-day plans being used? What can be modified from this process?
  • What happens after the 100 days pass? How do you maintain the momentum?
  • How involved should a private equity firm be in a portfolio company after the first 100 days?
  • What are the challenges associated with these plans for lower and middle market companies with more limited internal capabilities?

Bill Tribe, Partner, A.T. Kearney

Richard Griffin, Managing Partner, Aiglon Capital
Michael Haas, Managing Director, The Carlyle Group
Martin Mumford, Operating Partner, Angeles Equity Partners
Scott Tynes, CEO, Consero Global

Plenary session
15:30 - 15:45

Networking break

15:45 - 16:15

Panel | How PE firms understand and utilize human capital as a key lever

  • Linking talent to private equity deal outcomes
  • What recruiting processes are generating returns?
  • What’s the state of the art in terms of talent assessment tools?
  • What tools have you effectively used to analyze team dynamics?
  • Profit through people: developing and retaining the top talent

Tom Figueroa, Partner, JM Search

Kristen Chang, Managing Director, Human Capital, LLR Partners
Gary Matthews, Managing Director and Operating Partner, Morgan Stanley Capital Partners
David Teten, Managing Partner, HOF Capital
Jon Weber, Head of Portfolio Company Management, BlueMountain Capital Management

16:15 - 16:45

Panel | Growth marketing – how to drive ROI from your marketing spend

  • What is growth marketing – how is it different from traditional marketing
  • Why rapid iterations over big-bang campaigns
  • Testing and data as the best practice
  • Individuals and interactions supplant one size fits all campaigns

Randall LaVeau, Marketing Practice Leader, Sales Benchmark Index

Kevin Kerby, Operating Partner, Bain Capital
Steve Larned, Partner, New State Capital Partners
Paula Shannon, Former Chief Sales Officer, Senior Vice President, Lionbridge Technologies

16:45 - 17:15

Panel | How operating partners work with management teams to create value and optimize returns

  • Helping management teams that are great at running a business think about growing a business
  • How do you typically address any perceived misalignment between operating partners and the portco management team?
  • What strategies do you use to coach the portco management team?
  • Value creation strategies and portfolio optimization in working with management
  • What types of governance mechanisms and metrics do you use to align expectations and measure performance?

Dave Noonan, Principal, RSM US LLP

Hami Ebrahimi, Managing Director, Operations & Strategy, OMERS Private Equity
Brett Hickey, CEO, Star Mountain Capital
Raz Khan, Operations Executive, Permira
Tim Lewis, Partner, Southfield Capital

17:15 - 17:45

Panel | The rise of the digital operating partner

  • Defining what is meant by digital: is its importance overplayed?
  • Is it necessary to have a digital specialist in the value creation team?
  • Is a digital operating partner feasible in the mid-market?
  • Operating Partner-Chief Digital Officer alignment

Rahul Puri, Global Head – M&A, Private Equity & VC Practice, Oracle NetSuite

Matthew Kearney, Operating Partner, Rockbridge Growth Equity
Jeremy Muras, SVP, Digital, Lion Capital
Steve Salzinger, President, Cortiva & Portfolio Operations, L Catterton
Enrique Sanz Herrero, Operating Partner & Chief Operating Officer, Black Toro Capital

17:45 - 18:45

End of day one chairman's remarks

Patrick Gordon, Partner, Private Equity Value Creation Leader, PwC


Day 2 - Thursday 18th

Plenary session
07:30 - 07:45

Invite-only career think tank for full-time operating partners: value creation war room

This closed-door session is an opportunity to learn and share how to create a career path as an operating partner. The think tank will expose current trends in PE impacting the role, the toughest challenges operating partners face daily and will allow you to select one of the groups divided by market cap to learn best practices in dealing with them.

Group A Small/Mid Cap
Paul Ilse, Senior Operating Partner, Francisco Partners Consulting
Michael Kohlsdorf, President, Francisco Partners Consulting

Group B Large Cap
Jon Weber, Head of Portfolio Company Management, BlueMountain Capital Management

07:45 - 08:40

Registration and breakfast

08:40 - 08:45

Chairman’s welcome

Simon Horan, Managing Director, L.E.K. Consulting

08:45 - 09:15

Panel | Sell side value creation for evolving business service, tech and tech-enabled companies

  • Getting tech company multiples for your business service portfolio companies
  • Understanding the material nuances on the sell side with businesses outside these sectors
  • Preparing for the sales process – documentation, the story you will tell, the way the organization is structured, how costs
  • need to be presented
  • Dealing with companies in your portfolio that have become far more tech-enabled over time

Jeffrey Klein, Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal

Dan Fletcher, Vice President, Value Creation, Vector Capital
Nathan Graf, Senior Managing Director, Evercore
Michael Korzinstone, Senior Principal, Cinven

09:15 - 09:45

Panel | How digital transformation to the cloud is impacting private equity

  • Cloud adoption impact on PE business models and innovation
  • Challenges/opportunities in migrating 1990s software architectures to the cloud
  • How to leverage the cloud

Matt Gordon, Principal Business Development Manager, Private Equity, Amazon Web Services

Rob Hornby, Managing Director, AlixPartners
Eric Feldman, Chief Information Officer, The Riverside Company
Stephen Rollins, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, SESAC

09:45 - 10:15

Case study | The journey of a turnaround

  • Sharing turnaround war stories: looking at what levers to pull
  • Uncovering high level opportunities and approaches in delivering EBITDA improvement
  • Working capital optimization: making it work

Greg Schooley, Partner, US Value Creation Leader, EY
Colin Smith, Managing Director and Operating Partner, Oaktree Capital

10:15 - 10:30

Case study | Increasing visibility and driving greater efficiency in finance departments

  • The pitfalls and pain of inefficient finance departments – especially when it comes to M&A
  • How Aprimo and Marlin Equity gained visibility into global operations through a more efficient accounting practice
  • How closing books faster and more accurately led to better private equity reporting

Marc Craver, Director of Strategic Alliances, FloQast

Michael Nelson, CFO, Aprimo
Howard Reba, Finance Director of Portfolio Operations, Marlin Operations Group, Inc.

10:30 - 10:50

Networking break

Breakout Series IV
10:50 - 11:30

Track 13 | How to run cybersecurity across all your portfolio companies

  • Assessing top cyber risks at the portfolio level
  • Understanding the complexities of cybersecurity and cyber liability
  • What questions should you be asking your portfolio company?
  • Lessons learned from a cybersecurity breach
  • Establishing a go forward cyber risk strategy

Keith Swiat, Director, West Monroe Partners

Matt Ibbetson, Principal, Ridgemont Equity Partners
John Polis, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer, Star Mountain Capital

10:50 - 11:30

Track 14 | Multi-faceted approaches in key areas pre- and post-deal for accelerated value creation

  • Looking at human capital skills and thoroughly understanding what leadership qualities, experience and capabilities are required to accelerate value creation
  • Evaluating management readiness and knowing when to replace executives earlier in the process to achieve the value creation plan
  • Getting the one-off synergies right away – cost out, working capital reduction, identify, quantify and make improvements to pave the path for growth in out-months
  • Embedding the overall systemic program elements that allow you to create YOY sustainable gains as part of a lean based management system/operating system

Gary Hoover, Vice President, TBM Consulting Group

Hami Ebrahimi, Managing Director, Operations & Strategy, OMERS Private Equity
Dan Fletcher, Vice President, Value Creation, Vector Capital
Michael Song, Managing Director, Portfolio Operations, Providence Equity

10:50 - 11:30

Track 15 | Creating value through technology

  • Success stories in utilizing technology to increase the value of your investment
  • Looking at software asset risks, mobile apps, portfolio initiatives
  • Identifying limitations in technology infrastructure
  • Tracking and managing open source usage and risks

Tim Mackey, Senior Technical Evangelist, Black Duck Software

Jim Milbery, Partner, ParkerGale Capital
Thomas Walker, Chief Technologist End User Computing, VMware

10:50 - 11:30

Track 16 | Understanding the benefits of sell-side operational due diligence

  • Capturing, prioritizing, and documenting operational improvement progress plans and building the financial bridge
  • Identifying new projects that will generate significant enterprise value and detailing any impediments to initiating those projects
  • Preparing management on how to best communicate “future state” during the sales process
  • Providing perspective buyers with a third-party review of operations accelerating diligence process

Joanna Serkowski, Vice President, TriVista

Tim Heston, Principal, Bertram Capital
Greg Jehlik, CEO, Maxcess International

Breakout Series V
11:30 - 12:10

Track 17 | Effective Operating Partner & CFO partnerships

  • Deploying data driven financial models
  • Launching financial transformations
  • Meeting the reporting requirements of the PE Firm

David Appel, Head, Software and SAAS Vertical, Sage Intacct

Peter Benevides, Senior Vice President, Finance, Olo
Michael O’Connor, Industry and Operations Partner, Arsenal Capital Partners
Steven Siwinski, Operating Partner, High Road Capital Partners

11:30 - 12:10

Track 18 | Transforming operations and real estate

  • Form a team of subject matter experts to identify opportunities in due diligence (AY Real Estate Rapid Deployment)
  • Develop and analyze multiple future state operating scenarios against the status
  • Finalize operational and real estate transformation strategy within 100 days for board approval (AY 100-Day Stratagem)
  • Execute strategy and transformation plan to maximize speed to market and mitigate risk
  • Optimize operational flow and logistics to increase enterprise value and accelerate the value creation plan
  • Ongoing measurement and improvement of key real estate and operational metrics

Brendan Kelly, Principal, Avison Young

Philip Davis, Vice President, Supply Chain Strategy and Operations, Fleet Farm
Steven Sirovica, Director of Engineering, Pitney Bowes

11:30 - 12:10

Track 19 | Customizing your commercial sourcing

  • Leveraging GPOs and supplier relationships to lower prices in a strategic sourcing program
  • Evaluating your spend across multiple categories to assess savings opportunities
  • From Ops value to diligence: how PE firms can take the value of sourcing programs and use it in their diligence

Scott Miller, Vice President, CoreTrust

Virgil Colby, Vice President, Group Procurement, Onex Corporation
Michael Frain, Senior Vice President, Shared Services, Warburg Pincus

11:30 - 12:10

Track 20 | Modernizing back office operations to drive greater business value

A great business strategy can quickly be crippled by an ineffective back office. During this session, we will be discussing some of the key trends and best practices that leading companies are leveraging to modernize their back office into true enablers of business value. Topics covered will include:

  • The power and value of a true shared services model
  • Why and how to harness the power of nearshore outsourcing
  • How to leverage robots (RPA) to drive rapid payback without the hassles and risks of traditional IT projects
  • How to develop an analytics strategy that will deliver more timely, insightful and future oriented views on business performance

Raul Vega, CEO, Auxis

Juan Figuereo, Retired EVP & CFO, Revlon
Shoshana Lubin, Head of US Operations, Pantheon
Steve Salzinger, President, Cortiva & Portfolio Operations, L Catterton

Plenary sessions
12:10 - 12:40

Panel | Making your customer experience a competitive differentiator

  • If your executive teams are not discussing this at the board level then you are at risk from competitors who are:
  • What is customer experience (hint- it is not customer support)
  • Why companies are embracing it: hear why customer experience is driving the greatest value creation
  • How CX impacts the entire organization from product to pricing to marketing to sales
  • What you need to do today within your own businesses to get started

Josh Horstmann, Senior Vice President, Sales Benchmark Index

Natalie Fedie, Vice President of Customer Success, Doxly
Matthew Kearney, Operating Partner, Rockbridge Growth Equity
Clint Poole, Former Chief Marketing Officer, Lionbridge Technologies

12:40 - 13:10

Panel | Marketing for growth: playbooks for any deal stage

  • Changing the slope of the growth curve to achieve outsized returns
  • Hands-on marketing strategy implementation: how to operationalize a marketing program
  • Driving profitability and growth via rigorous marketing and a comprehensive market position strategy
  • Fine-tuning your current products and processes using existing resources to reach incremental growth
  • Understanding your marketing effectiveness and the return on marketing investment

Art Saxby, CEO, Chief Outsiders

Dominique Levin, Marketing Mentor, Storm Ventures
Ron Sansom, Managing Partner, Global Executive Operating Partner, The Riverside Company
Chris Springer, Operating Partner, (Formerly) Alliance Holdings
Michael Stanek, Management Partner, JMH Capital Partners

13:10 - 14:10

Closing remarks

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For exclusive sponsorship packages for 2019, contact Lawrence Dvorchik at or call +1 646 545 4429.



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Meet the Advisory Board

Hami Ebrahimi

Managing Director, Operations & Strategy, OMERS Private Equity

Hami is currently Managing Director, Operations & Strategy and works with investment and management teams at OMERS Private Equity to assess new investments, and define and execute value-creation priorities. Hami joined the Operations & Strategy group… Read full bio

Tony Ecock

Managing Director, The Carlyle Group

Tony Ecock is a Managing Director in the Carlyle Equity Opportunity Fund, a $2.4B middle market generalist fund within The Carlyle Group. He is based in New York. Since joining Carlyle in 2016, Tony has been evaluating new investments across a range… Read full bio

Jim Howland

Managing Director and Operating Partner, Morgan Stanley Capital Partners

Jim Howland is a Managing Director of Morgan Stanley, an Operating Partner of Global Private Equity, and is based in New York. Mr. Howland joined Morgan Stanley in 2008 and was previously President of Dun & Bradstreet’s International Business and was… Read full bio

Michael Kohlsdorf

President, Francisco Partners Consulting

Mike Kohlsdorf joined Francisco Partners as an Operating Partner in March of 2011 and is a member of the Operations Committee. Mike’s primary responsibilities include the management of Francisco Partners Consulting (FPC), the development of operating… Read full bio

Lane McDonald

Industry Value Creation, Partners Group

Michael Song

Managing Director, Portfolio Operations, Providence Equity

Michael Song is a managing director focused on portfolio operations and is based in our Providence office. Prior to joining Providence in 2010, Mr. Song worked at RSA, the security division of EMC, where he led product marketing for the SecurID produ… Read full bio

Jon Weber

Head of Portfolio Company Management, Blue Mountain Capital Management

Jon Weber founded the Portfolio Group at Anchorage Capital Group and currently oversees portfolio company governance and talent for companies in which Anchorage is an influential investor. Previously, as a Managing Director heading the Portfolio Oper… Read full bio
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