Global real estate's most influential community

The PERE Global Passport is a new way for industry leaders to stay connected to the market, meet investors, secure capital commitments and gain a strategic edge across the year.

Designed for real estate leaders, the Global Passport will help you:

  • Close your fund more efficiently through year-round, 24/7 access to global LPs allocating across a wide spectrum of real estate strategies
  • Advance your strategic edge on the competition by keeping up to date with a vast array of opinions from the LPs relevant to your firm
  • Uncover the latest high-yield opportunities from across the world with unique insights from the decision-makers shaping the industry
  • Utilize time in the most efficient way by connecting with the people who can help you create value for your firm

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Secure capital commitments.


There’s no need for cold calls with unrivalled access to a blackbook of global LPs. Build and maintain warm relationships for when your next opportunity arises.

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Meet the right investors.


Maximize your time and fundraise efficiently by cutting through the noise. Connect with the LPs relevant for your firm in a format built for busy executives.

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Gain a strategic edge.


Gain a head start on your competition and uncover the next opportunity for your firm. Make responsible, informed business decisions through monthly live and on-demand networking sessions and content.

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“PERE goes out of their way to bring GPs, LPs and other people from the industry together, to not only discuss ideas, but even discuss new deals.

Kevin Colket, Founder and CEO
Global Hospitality Investment Group

Secure your next investor. Build your client portfolio.

Build stronger relationships and increase your visibility by staying in front of the global community of investors.
ABL Life Insurance
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
AIA International
AISIN Employees' Pension Fund
Allianz Real Estate
American Family Mutual Insurance
Aozora Bank
APG Asset Management
Aviva Investors
AXA Investment Managers
Bank of America
Brunei Investment Agency

What is it?

The PERE Global Passport is a powerful community of industry-leaders, a database of LPs actively allocating to global real estate funds, and cutting-edge content to help you make smart decisions.

Enhance your decision-making

Alongside 24/7/365 access to global real estate’s most influential community, your Global Passport provides multiple touchpoints across the year to knowledge-share with your peers. Enhance your decision-making through action-led, practical insights, and share your viewpoint with a wider forum of contemporaries.

Your subscription includes:

Please note annual agenda is subject to change

Don’t miss out. Subscribe today!

Beginning in January, subscribers will take a deep dive into the year ahead as real estate’s trendsetters share their strategies. In February, the 10th annual Japan Forum Virtual Experience will connect Japanese capital to global real estate funds and the Deep Dive series will examine the hottest niche strategies generating high-yields.

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Frequently asked questions about the PERE Global Passport

Q: What is the PERE Global Passport?
A: The PERE Global Passport is an annual subscription built on the back of our industry-leading global events, bringing together investors and industry leaders alongside the latest market insight. The Passport assists private real estate professionals to meet investors, secure capital commitments and gain a strategic edge.

Monthly touchpoints of community networking, knowledge-sharing, and high-level content (including access to PERE’s industry-leading conference series) throughout the year are at the core of the Passport.

Q: Who subscribes to the PERE Global Passport?
A: The community is for everyone in the global private real estate investment space. Members of our community come from all departments within private real estate investment companies, fund managers, limited partners, and strategic partners.

Members are generally senior decision-makers and have titles like Managing Director, Managing Partner, Director, Partner, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer, President, Chairman, Principal, Senior Vice President, Investor Relations, and many more.

The foundation of the Passport is the global list of LPs that are looking to allocate to real estate across asset class and geography.

Q: How do I register for just the annual events I want to attend?
A: Registration to PERE’s annual global events, including PERE Asia Summit, PERE America Forum, PERE Europe Forum, and PERE Japan Forum, are now part of the yearly PERE Global Passport subscription. You need to be an active Global Passport holder to gain access to any of our industry-leading events.

Q: Why should I and/or my team subscribe now to the PERE Global Passport?
A: Beginning in January, subscribers will take a deep dive into the year ahead as real estate’s trendsetters share their strategies. In February, the 10th annual Japan Forum Virtual Experience will connect Japanese capital to global real estate funds and the deep dive series will examine the hottest niche strategies generating high-yields.

By being on the platform live at the deep dives, forums, and summits you will maximize the value you receive. The engagement and networking capsules taking place around the sessions will be impossible to replicate by viewing the content on-demand.

PLUS, subscribe before 29 January and receive the best rate for you and your team.

Q: As a subscriber to PERE Global Passport, can I message other subscribers and set up meetings with them?
A: Yes, the platform allows all-year-round access to the community and not just in the windows of the events. You’ll be able to search and filter the subscribers of our community you want to meet with a similar focus, arrange a time to chat, and send them a meeting invite.

Q: If I can’t make every event live, will the content be recorded/on-demand to view at a future date?
A: Yes, as we know your time is very valuable, the content will be on-demand/recorded on the platform for ease of reference so you can be as involved as needed throughout the course of your subscription.

Q: What is included in the subscription to the PERE Global Passport?
A: The subscription includes access for an individual to attend all virtual experiences across the year, plus access to community networking and monthly content delivered on the platform.

Fundraise quicker and easier by utilizing the database of investors from across the world to increase your touchpoints with the LPs allocating to global private real estate. There are savings for organisations that book 3 or more subscriptions.

Q: Can the subscription to PERE Global Passport start at any time during the year?
A: Yes, your subscription can begin at any time and last for 12 months. Access to the platform and the networking community launches on the 4th of January, however, you can join in any month for 12-month rolling access.

Q: When will my subscription start?
A: Your subscription will start on the 4th of January with access to the platform and the networking community followed by the first deep dive into the year ahead with global real estate’s trendsetters sharing their strategies for the year. (Be advised that subscription access to the platform will be provided from the day you purchase – not from the beginning of the following month).

Q: What happens if PERE is able to run live events in 2021?
A: We will look to run live events as and when it is sensible, safe, and responsible to do so. Should this be in 2021, your subscription includes one live event credit. The regional forums (PERE America, Japan, Korea, Europe) cost one credit to attend, so you may choose one live Forum as part of your subscription. Summits such as PERE Asia, cost two event credits, therefore a small upgrade fee will be involved. Similarly, if you wanted to attend two regional Forums, you must purchase an additional credit at a small upgrade fee.

Additional Questions?
If you have a question that isn’t covered above, please feel free to contact us directly at peredelegates@peim

Deep dive into industry trends and challenges

Stay up-to-date on the most promising trends in infrastructure. As part of the Global Passport, you will have access to our exclusive Deep Dive series. Industry leaders will headline interactive webinars to provide you with actionable insights and discussions on the year’s hottest topics.


Below are a selection of this years Deep Dive topics

2021 Schedule

The Year Ahead

27 January

Real estate’s trendsetters share their strategies for 2021

Niche Strategies

18 February

The hottest yield-generating strategies gaining traction with investors


17 March

Capitalizing on the growth story of 2021

Niche Strategies


How top firms incorporate women, diversity and inclusion to enhance growth