Investing in assets which provide essential services

The 2nd annual Social Infrastructure Forum, taking place on 21 March, will look at growing investor interest in investing in assets which provide essential services. Experts will evaluate social infrastructures position within the investment landscape, looking at how best to fund and finance assets with a community purpose.


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The Social Infrastructure Forum is part of the industry leading Infrastructure Investor Global Summit. Taking place across four days, the Summit has something to offer everyone involved in infrastructure.

The private infrastructure industry’s annual general meeting

The route to net-zero post-COP26

Pursuing the momentum for change in emerging and frontier economies

Investing in the energy transition as the world moves towards net-zero

Navigating the route towards an inclusive global digital economy

The evolving role of lending in the private infrastructure world

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Day 1
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Social Infrastructure Forum - Monday 21st

Social Infrastructure Forum
09:10 - 09:30

Introduction from Infrastructure Investor and Welcome from the Chair

09:30 - 10:15

Re-defining social infrastructure

  • How the market now defines and measures social infrastructure
  • Identifying the gaps in social infrastructure investment
  • Identifying where the boundary is between social infrastructure and real estate and where investors can seek returns
10:15 - 11:00

Healthcare as an independent asset class

  • How healthcare investment compares to infrastructure or private equity
  • How healthcare investment priorities have developed, post Covid, with changing demographics
  • How investing in healthcare increases the risk curve compared to the traditional sub sectors of infrastructure
11:00 - 11:30

Coffee & networking

Social Infrastructure Forum
11:30 - 12:15

Doing well and doing good: the opportunities and limitations of impact investing

  • How social infrastructure is a means to achieving the SDGs
  • How institutional investors navigate ‘greenwashing’ when investing in social infrastructure
  • How investors add quantitative assessments of the ESG credentials of their portfolios
12:15 - 13:00

Building back better? The global outlook on social infrastructure

  • What impact the Biden administration and the Build Back Better initiative had on the social infrastructure landscape in the US
  • What social infrastructure looks like in the emerging markets
  • Identifying if infrastructure investors are deploying capital in the right assets that countries need most
13:00 - 14:00

Networking lunch with Emerging Markets & ESG & Sustainability Forum attendees

Social Infrastructure Forum
14:00 - 14:20

Case Study

14:20 - 15:00


15:00 - 15:30

Coffee & networking

Social Infrastructure Forum
15:30 - 16:15

Treading carefully – the role of energy transition in moving towards net zero

  • How suppliers are managing the demand for social consideration in energy models in regards to supply chain
  • Which decarbonisation avenues receive the most substantial social acceptance
  • How to improve the measurement of local consequences, including employment efforts, of moving towards net zero
16:15 - 17:00

The role, challenges, and changes of PPP structures

  • How to manage the strain on the public purse as we enter the post pandemic era
  • What has been learnt from PPP models based in developed markets
  • How returns have been compressed and the way to offset it
17:00 - 17:45

Social infrastructure investment vehicles: the old and the new

  • Identifying why there’s a limited number of social infrastructure funds
  • To what extent are social infrastructure cashflows dependant on government funding
  • The importance of scale and whether there’s a niche for smaller funds
17:45 - 17:55

Closing comments from the chair

Carolyn Arida

Director & Head of Utilities, Harrison Street Social Infrastructure Fund

Carolyn Arida is a Director and the Head of Utilities at Harrison Street, a leading alternative real assets manager. She is a member of the firm’s Management Committee and the Social Infrastructure Fund’s Investment Committee. Ms. Arida spearheads Ha… Read full bio

Erik Botnevik

Director & Country Lead, Norway; Infranode

Erik joined Infranode in January 2018 and is a Director and Country Lead Norway and sector Head of Digital infra. He has over 19 years transaction and business development experience, including management positions at Telenor Group where he was head… Read full bio

Gaston Brandes

Head of Institutional Portfolio Manager Private Real Estate EMEA, Franklin Templeton

Gaston Brandes joined Franklin Real Asset Advisors as Head Institutional Portfolio Manager EMEA in January 2020. Gaston is an integrated member of the investment team, focusing on partnerships with key distribution channels in the EMEA region to supp… Read full bio

Simon Clark

Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

Simon Clark is a reporter at The Wall Street Journal in London. A British citizen, he has been a journalist since 2000, reporting on a wide range of financial, economic and political subjects that led him as far as the poppy fields of Afghanistan, th… Read full bio

Spence Clunie

Managing Partner, Ancala

Spence has over 27 years’ experience of investing in and managing infrastructure assets. Prior to founding Ancala Partners, Spence was a Senior Managing Director at Macquarie in Europe. Spence is involved in all aspects of Ancala’s business including… Read full bio

Cynthia Delaume

Investor Relations, InfraVia Capital

Cynthia joined InfraVia Capital Partners in 2021 and is focusing on Investor Relations, leveraging over 16 years’ experience in investment banking in Infrastructure. Prior to InfraVia, Cynthia served as Managing Director at RBC Capital Markets coveri… Read full bio

Achim Dübel


Hans-Joachim (Achim) Dübel is an independent international consultant based in Berlin. He looks back on 30 years of work experience in real estate, banking and capital markets development in over 50 countries for governments, agencies and private sec… Read full bio

Michael Feith

Policy Officer, InvestEU - European Commission

Michael Feith is a policy officer at the European Commission, where he deals with financing programs for infrastructure, enterprises and services. He is mainly involved in the set-up and the governance of the new “InvestEU” programme. He is specifica… Read full bio

Jasmina Glisovic

Principal Country Manager, Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB)

Jasmina Glisovic has more than twenty years of professional experience in international finance and development and she is currently one of three regional lending managers at CEB. Earlier she worked as a Country Manager at CEB and before joining CEB,… Read full bio

Georg Inderst

Independent Adviser, Inderst Advisory

Georg Inderst is an independent adviser to pension funds, institutional investors and international organizations, based in London. He is a member of various international investment and advisory committees. Georg authored several key studies on infr… Read full bio

Adrian Ion

CFO, Therme Group

Adrian Ion is the CFO of Therme Group and VP for Corporate Finance, responsible for managing the group’s financial strategy, its relationship with investors and funding partners and day-to-day financial operations. Prior to joining Therme Group, Adri… Read full bio

Thomas Kalthoefer

Senior Principal, DWS

Mr Kalthöfer is a Senior Principal at DWS Infrastructure. He is responsible for the origination and analysis of infrastructure investment opportunities, leading the execution of transactions and the ongoing management of portfolio companies. As a Ger… Read full bio

Matthew McLintock

Associate Director, Dalmore Capital

Matthew McLintock is an Associate Director within Dalmore Capital’s acquisitions team where his responsibilities include the origination, evaluation, and execution of new investment opportunities. Matthew has been with Dalmore Capital for the past tw… Read full bio

Mark Moseley

Principal and Owner, Moseley Infrastructure Advisory Services (MMM Infra)

Mark M. Moseley is the Owner and Principal of Moseley Infrastructure Advisory Services (MMM Infra), a global consulting firm advising on infrastructure projects and enabling environments, for multilateral development banks, governments and transactio… Read full bio

Jason Murphy

Chief Executive Officer, Centrus Advisors

Jason is co-founder and CEO of Centrus in Ireland and also sits on the group’s board of directors and executive committee. He has over 20 years’ investment banking and financial advisory experience. He has been a lender, portfolio manager or advisor… Read full bio

Vitomir Miles Raguz

Deputy Director for European and External Affairs, CEB

VM Raguz is Deputy Director for European and External Affairs at CEB, with 15 years of lending experience often blended with EU instruments. Earlier he was a sovereign risk analyst and senior manager with banks in NYC and Vienna respectively, as well… Read full bio

Adam Ringer

Partner, AMP Capital

Adam Ringer leads origination for communications and healthcare in Europe after developing those strategies and networks for AMP Capital’s Global Infrastructure Fund series. In his 10 years at AMP Capital he has been responsible for leading transacti… Read full bio

Vlado Šarenac

Director, Technology Consulting leader South East Europe, PwC

Vlado is leading the Technology consulting practice in PwC South East Europe. He mainly specializes in Financial Services and Public Sector with expertise in dealing with local and international development banks. Vlado led projects in multiple count… Read full bio

Wessel Schevernels

Senior Investment Director, Whitehelm Capital

Wessel Schevernels joined Whitehelm Capital in 2015 and currently leads the ongoing asset management of its European investee companies and is the chair of its global Sustainability Committee. Before joining Whitehelm he had an extensive corporate ca… Read full bio

Angelika Schöechlin

Senior Partner, Antin Infrastructure Partners

Angelika joined Antin in 2010 and is a member of the Investment Committee. Angelika is a board member of Fund II portfolio companies Amedes and GSR, Fund III portfolio company Almaviva and Fund IV portfolio companies Babilou and Hippocrates. She prev… Read full bio

Colin Simpson

Head of Asset Management, GLIL Infrastructure

Colin is Head of Asset Management at Local Pensions Partnership Investments (LPPI) and is part of the team responsible for origination, execution and management of LPPI’s infrastructure investments. His role includes GLIL Infrastructure, a £2.5 billi… Read full bio

Helmut Von Glasenapp

Secretary-General, European Long-Term Investors Association

After an apprenticeship in banking Helmut (born 1962) studied business administration in Germany. He gained his first business experience with reuhandanstalt, the former privatisation agency in the eastern part of Germany. 1993 he joined KfW in the B… Read full bio

Eugene Zhuchenko

Director and Founder, ETORE Advisory

Eugene Zhuchenko has over 20 years of infrastructure experience. Prior to founding ETORE Advisory, he was the CEO of Long Term Infrastructure Investors Association, managed an infrastructure portfolio at APG Asset Management, led M&A projects at… Read full bio