Connecting infrastructure with Asian capital anytime, anywhere

Discover investment opportunities in Asian markets and fundraise from the region’s leading LPs at the #1 meeting place for infrastructure investors in Asia, the Investor Forum virtual experience on 1-2 December.

The immersive virtual platform replicates all the best parts of a traditional conference while eliminating the difficulties, and will connect institutional investors, fund and asset managers, developers, advisors and strategic partners as they determine the future of Asian infrastructure growth and outbound capital flows from the region’s largest LPs.

If you are investing in Asian infrastructure or fundraising globally from the region’s behemoth LPs, this is a must-attend forum for you.

Discuss the future of Infrastructure with industry leaders

Isabel Chatterton
Regional Industry Director

James Fraser Smith
Head of Unlisted Infrastructure & Timberland
Future Fund

Thomas Walenta
Senior Investment Officer
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Dania Zinurova
Director of Manager Research Australia
Willis Towers Watson

This year’s Infrastructure Investor Asia Summit will be running as an immersive virtual experience opening with a day focused on Asian renewable energy strategies, the Renewable Energy Forum on 30 November, followed by the Investor Forum on 1-2 December. Your experience is no longer confined to a couple of days, with extended video networking and connectivity with the community until the end of February 2021.

Who will be joining?


Why Investor Forum?

Discover the opportunities in Asia’s most important infrastructure conference through knowledge-sharing with the regional leading investment practitioners.

Fund managers
Secure your next capital allocation from regional investors through the Summit’s unrivalled networking opportunities.

Secure investments from the fund managers and direct investors allocating to projects across Asian markets.

Service providers

Demonstrate your skills and services to Asia leading infrastructure investment professionals and grow your business.