Driving human capital as a key value creation lever

The Operating Partners Human Capital Forum will bring together an elite crowd of top human capital value creators and operating partner specialists. It is the place to meet key players in the PE community and get a firm grasp on initiatives designed to transform operations, deliver growth, and drive value creation strategies through talent.

Speakers will provide insights into the evolving and rapidly changing talent market and share strategies and approaches that uncover why firms need a “human capital operating partner.” Join us to hear engaging and informative discussions to make your workforce planning a competitive advantage.

Highlights for the Forum include:

» Human capital best practices adopted during this year’s crisis

» Transitioning to a virtual workforce

» What will the future role of the human capital operating partner look like?

» Utilizing the hottest technology & state of the art resources for talent acquisition, assessment & development

» Performance improvement through people: goals, incentives, and compensation

» What tools have you effectively used to analyze team dynamics?

» Leadership assessments: getting leadership right and understanding governance as a key lever for value creation


» Workforce analytics: quantifying the impact/ROI of human capital

» Leading organizations and people through significant change

» Understanding and transforming culture when needed

» How is AI affecting and going to affect recruiting and developing talent?

» Diversity and inclusion workforce best practices

» People assessment best practices during the due diligence phase

» Profit through people: what recruiting processes are generating returns?

2019 Speakers included:

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View all speakers

Why attend?

Operating Partners Forum: Asia
Learn key strategies to accelerate growth through human capital

Operating Partners Forum: Asia
Join the leading PE operating specialists in human capital in North America

Operating Partners Forum: Asia
Network with top value creators focused on talent and leadership

This event is included with the Operating Partners Forum: Virtual Experience

The Operating Partners Forum: Virtual Experience 2020 on October 14-16 is the single largest event in the world specifically dedicated to anyone concerned about private equity portfolio operational assessment and value creation.


For speaking opportunities, contact Marc Mele at marc.m@peimedia.com or call +1 646 581 9295.

*Please Note: All session times listed are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Day 1
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Day 1 - Wednesday 14th

Invitation-only think tank
09:30 - 10:25

Human capital operating partners think tank (invitation-only)

Invitation-only think tank for full-time PE and VC operating partners and talent partners. This closed-door virtual room will allow you to learn and share best practices in human capital, talent management and recruiting operations. It will uncover this year’s new challenges in human capital. The think tank will allow you to submit topics to be introduced by the facilitators and discussed in the room.


Room 1

Room 2

Operating Partners Human Capital Forum: Plenary sessions
10:25 - 10:30

PEI’s welcome and opening remarks

10:30 - 11:10

Talent recruitment best practices in the post COVID-19 world and beyond

  • Recruiting talent during and after COVID-19: how companies will recruit talent differently from different parts of the world
  • Transitioning to virtual workforce recruitment: utilizing the hottest technology & state of the art resources for talent acquisition, assessment & development
  • How AI and big data can help you win the talent war
  • Profit through people: what recruiting processes are generating returns
  • What is the biggest hinderance to recruiting top tier talent in your portfolio companies nowadays?
  • Evaluating and selecting search firms
  • What levels in the organization does your PE firm get involved in talent and leadership selection?
11:10 - 11:50

A spotlight on culture — critical steps for PE firms and their portcos to successfully execute strategy

  • Getting smart about cultural assessments: using today’s tools during the due diligence and post deal periods
  • Grasping the complex interplay between leadership, talent, corporate culture, and investment strategy
  • What beliefs, values, and behaviors should senior leaders embody to transform cultures
  • Assessing leaders’ speed and ability in executing strategy defined by the PE sponsor
  • Understanding which elements of a company’s culture should be sustained and which must change to support the investment thesis
  • Understanding forces and trends that are transforming businesses in a digital and virtual world
Functional breakouts I
11:50 - 12:20

Track 1: Transitioning to a virtual workforce: leveraging unified communications

  • What is unified communications and why it is important
  • The future of work: understanding how to take an onsite workforce and put them in ideal conditions to work remotely via virtual platforms
  • How portfolio company executives are working/communicating in the current environment and what works best
  • Operating partner stories: how to help manage your portfolio via cloud communications
  • Cloud communications in a global, mobile workplace: integration with core cloud business systems
  • How can your PE firm and portfolio companies best leverage these technologies to improve communications and operations while also cutting costs?
11:50 - 12:20

Track 2: Workforce analytics: uncovering initiatives in people data science

  • Key perspectives in understanding the role of data in a post pandemic world
  • Utilizing workforce analytics to quantify performance improvement across the portfolio: what tools have you used to effectively analyse team dynamics and make comparisons of management capability across your assets
  • Innovations in “people data science” to uncover hidden patterns in data to make you reconsider how you pay, retain, incentivize, and engage your employees
  • People assessment best practices during the due diligence phase
  • Leadership assessments: getting leadership right and understanding governance as a key value creation lever
Functional breakouts II
12:20 - 12:50

Track 3: Tackling diversity and inclusion at your portfolio companies

  • What is holding PE back from achieving diversity?
  • What are you doing at your companies to tackle diversity and open dialogue? What specific initiatives/programs have you taken that were successful?
  • How are companies leveraging data to augment their efforts with portfolio companies?
  • KPIs for diversity: measuring effectiveness
  • Diversity and leadership: what can be done better? How are you thinking about diversity of boards?
12:20 - 12:50

Track 4: Exploring talent growth opportunities within carve-out deals internationally

  • Uncovering the top challenges associated with carve-outs in onboarding and keeping talent on an international scale
  • Looking at roadblocks when onboarding new employees in countries where their company does not have an established entity and isn’t registered to run payroll
  • How to cut down complexity and notorious lag time while staying compliant
Operating Partners Human Capital Forum: Plenary session
12:50 - 13:20

How to recruit brilliant CFOs, and unleash the OP–CFO–CEO partnership

  • What makes an ideal private equity CFO?
  • What does the CFO role in portfolio companies look like today?
  • How to identify and attract in-demand CFOs
  • How can PE best support portco CFOs?
  • How to partner with CFOs effectively; CFO-CEO-OP partnerships
Invitation-only women’s lunch
12:50 - 13:50

Women in PE & VC portfolio operations lunch (invitation-only)

This closed-door session will explore what it’s like being a woman in PE & VC portfolio operations:

  • What are the issues causing a disparity in genders?
  • Exploring career paths, development, and how to position yourself as female leaders
  • Is your firm focused on women’s leadership at portfolio companies?
  • Does your company have any specific programs, leadership coaching and assessments geared towards promoting women’s leadership?
  • Are there any changes in recruiting that will create a more equal playing field?
  • Looking at trends and stats in gender in PE & VC

Sponsored by:

Virtual networking
13:20 - 13:50

Virtual networking lunch

Please use this time as an opportunity to connect with conference attendees and sponsors via the video chat function one-on-one or as a small group

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