Discover how POBA selects managers, post-pandemic strategy

Join Dong Hun Jang, Chief Investment Officer, POBA for a discussion on the pension fund’s post-pandemic investment strategy. Will the pension fund double down on their European core direct strategy or seek new managers for opportunistic plays and – if so – what is POBA’s fund manager selection criteria?  Join us on Tuesday 23 February to get the answers to these questions and more.

Got a question for POBA? Adam Smallman from PERE will conduct the hard-hitting interview and we invite all members to send their questions through to Boris Petrovic in advance here or join in during the session to ask their questions directly.

Dong Hun Jang POBA

A conversation with Dong Hun Jang, POBA
23 February
NY 4:00AM | LDN 9:00AM | HK 5:00PM | SYD 8:00PM

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