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The PERE Global Passport is a new way for industry leaders to stay connected to the market, meet investors, secure capital commitments and gain a strategic edge across the year.


Designed for real estate leaders, discover how the Global Passport can help you secure capital commitments, meet the right investors, and gain a strategic edge.


“PERE goes out of their way to bring GPs, LPs and other people from the industry together, to not only discuss ideas, but even discuss new deals.

Kevin Colket, Founder and CEO
Global Hospitality Investment Group

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Build stronger relationships and increase your visibility by staying in front of the global community of investors.
ABL Life Insurance
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
AIA International
AISIN Employees' Pension Fund
Allianz Real Estate
American Family Mutual Insurance
Aozora Bank
APG Asset Management
Aviva Investors
AXA Investment Managers
Bank of America
Brunei Investment Agency

What is it?

The PERE Global Passport is a powerful community of industry-leaders, a database of LPs actively allocating to global real estate funds, and cutting-edge content to help you make smart decisions.

Enhance your decision-making

Alongside 24/7/365 access to global real estate’s most influential community, your Global Passport provides multiple touchpoints across the year to knowledge-share with your peers. Enhance your decision-making through action-led, practical insights, and share your viewpoint with a wider forum of contemporaries.

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Beginning in January, subscribers will take a deep dive into the year ahead as real estate’s trendsetters share their strategies. In February, the 10th annual Japan Forum Virtual Experience will connect Japanese capital to global real estate funds and the Deep Dive series will examine the hottest niche strategies generating high-yields.

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