Connecting the world’s infrastructure asset owners

New for 2023, the Global Summit Investor Council will be dedicated to serving our institutional and private investors in attendance.

This invite-only forum will take place on Thursday 23 March, the agenda includes:

  • A welcome breakfast, led by the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change
  • Focused roundtables on how to manage inflation and other pressing issues
  • New for this year, our Investment Committee Panel will showcase transaction case studies, that will encourage an interactive debate and give insight into the investment decision-making process

Offering unparalleled insights and opportunities to network with your fellow LPs, the Investor Council is not to be missed for those that are eligible to attend.

Key themes include:

  • Selecting smart strategies for your institution: core, value-add, debt and more
  • How investors can continue to shape the energy transition
  • Best practice for essential portfolio management techniques
  • Protecting your portfolio against interest rates, inflation and increasing economic turbulence

Infrastructure Investor New York - advance your fundraising

Advance your strategies

Learn the latest industry insight from experts of the asset class. At a time of significant uncertainty, find out how to protect your portfolio from macroeconomic turbulence and position it for stable, successful returns.

Gain peer-to-peer insights

Connect and reconnect with your fellow investors across the day in a variety of different, interactive formats. Gain important and unfiltered peer-to-peer insights in this ever-changing environment.

Infrastructure Investor New York Forum - build your network

Be part of the largest gathering of investors

Connect with 250+ leading institutional and private investors actively allocating to infrastructure at the Council and across the rest of the Global Summit.

Part of the Global Summit

The Investor Council is part of the industry leading Infrastructure Investor Global Summit. The Global Summit will take place across four days and is your best opportunity to connect with your peers, learn from inspirational speakers and stay at the forefront of the infrastructure market.