Practical Guidance & Innovative Solutions with 60+ CU Experts including…

Brett Christensen

Owner, CU Lending Advice

Derrick Wiemer

CIO/CCO, nCino

Matt Roe

SVP, Open Lending, LLC

Brandy Phillips

VP of Mortgage, TDECU

Take home practical guidance & innovative solutions including:

  • 20 ideas already proven to work that can DOUBLE your auto loans.
  • Loan pricing strategies to ensure high quality, profitable returns.
  • 7 little things you can do to reduce expenses 10-25% and push delinquency rates down to 0.56%.
  • Mitigate the risk of nonprime auto loans – and grow!
  • Proven strategies to automate up to 65% of the application process.
  • Tactics to increase your net interest margin by 0.10-0.25%.
  • Pricing methods based on deposit valuation & credit loss factors.
  • Solutions other lenders use to generate 1.3 ROA and 100% increase in direct loan volume.
  • Cut your mortgage closing process from 30 days to just 10.
  • Boost your mortgage loan volume by 36%.
  • And much more!

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Will Indirect Auto Finance Save Your Portfolio: 5 Ways to Build a Successful Indirect Program

You don’t have to be a captive finance company or multi-billion dollar internet bank to run a profitable indirect auto finance program. Indirect auto finance continues to push through the volatile market and help financial institutions grow their portfolios in a time when investments are seeing losses. Get the answers you need to some of your biggest challenges including: How do you balance rates vs reserve? How much risk is too much? What market factors are most important to stay competitive? How can you use indirect auto to gain members and cross-sell? Learn the keys to creating an indirect auto program which fits your institution’s goals and culture.

Speaker: Jon Patto, Senior VP, Sales and Don Bader, VP, Account Management, CRIF Select Corporation

Solved Mysteries of Your Loan Portfolio: 5 Key Strategies to Unlock Your Data Insights

Data is king. Do you rule data or does data rule you? Are you hand-cuffed in excel or siloed in different technology platforms? What data should you be analyzing? How do you utilize data to serve members, mitigate risk, and increase profitability?

Speaker: Derrick Wiemer, CIO/CCO, nCino

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Rev Up Your Auto Loan Profitability

Consumers’ credit scores are critical to making safe, profitable loans, but they are not the only consideration. Plenty can be done to mitigate the risk of making near- and nonprime loans, ensure a nice return and bring in more consumers. Even pricing for the associated risk of making a nonprime auto loan, CUs still can make consumer-friendly loans that generate a return appropriate to the risk. In a market with high delinquency and a need to serve those of modest means, leveraging data can help your credit union solve the challenges your members are facing and create financial growth for both you and your borrowers!

Speaker: Matt Roe, SVP, Open Lending, LLC

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7 Small Things that Can Dramatically Boost Your Loan Balances and Lending Profitability

Disruption! Revolutionary Thinking! Big Hairy Audacious Goals! These buzzwords may help sell the latest business books, but they don’t always lead to steady, sustainable growth. Brian Waldron isn’t looking for the “next big thing” at Hudson Valley FCU. He’s focused on building relationships with members – small things that make a big difference in lending. Discover the little things he has done over time to reduce expenses 10-25% … drive down delinquency rates to 0.56%, on average … and work towards automating as much as 60%-65% of the application process … increase the net interest margin .10-.25% … and more!

Speaker: Brian Waldron, SVP/CLO, Hudson Valley FCU

20 Tactics that can DOUBLE Your Auto Loan Volume

The nation’s top CU lending expert returns to reveal the 20 tactics you can use to turnaround your direct auto loan program. Don’t settle for lower margins in the face of tough competition with dealers and the captives. Find out how ordinary CU lenders are generating extraordinary performance with 1.3 ROAs … 100% increases in direct loan volume … and increased profitability.

Speaker: Brett Christensen, Owner, CU Lending Advice, LLC

Re-imagine Mortgage Lending: One Thing Any CU Can Do to Compete with the Big Banks – and Win!

Competing with the likes of Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase or Wells Fargo in mortgage lending is a challenge for any CU. But there is one thing TDECU found they can do better than the Big Banks – go fast! Learn how Brandy Phillips redesigned the half-century-old mortgage lending process to differentiate itself by cutting the traditional 30-day closing period down to just 18 (the goal is 10 days!) … build a referral network among local Realtors … and boost its loan volume by 36%. Don’t make a move without hearing Brandy’s secret that helped them turn everything around!

Speaker: Brandy Phillips, VP of Mortgage, TDECU

Direct Auto Lending: 3 Proven Strategies to a
Successful Direct Auto Lending Program (without cutting rates!)

While many CUs have aggressively expanded their indirect loan programs in the face of increasing competition and aggressive dealer incentives, California CU has taken a different approach. 91% of CCU’s auto loan portfolio is made up of direct auto loans – and it doesn’t sacrifice rates, credit quality or LTV. CCU has managed to grow its auto loan portfolio by an average of 8% YoY since emerging from the Great Recession. Find out how CCU competes with a diligent marketing approach, a new risk-based pricing process that has reduced some loan approvals to just minutes and a cross-selling program that has helped increase auto loan production volume by over 10%. See for yourself how you can grow your direct auto lending portfolio without competing on the loan rate.

Speaker: Patrick Zarifian, SVP/CLO, California CU

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Barbara Esquivel,

Board of Directors - Mission City Federal CU

The speakers and presenters truly are industry subject-matter experts and their breadth of knowledge is astounding…Outstanding conference!

Jason Hagadone,

VP Business Lending - Altana FCU

Speakers and topics were great. They addressed some areas that are hot topics in the industry and motivated me to get back to my CU.

Mark Thompson,

Director - Saginaw Medical Federal Credit Union

I think the quality of the speakers is amazing, the topics timely and venue perfect to balance work and entertainment.