Redefining the private equity CFO & COO role

Join us this January to celebrate the 20th Annual CFOs & COOs Forum New York!

The annual meeting for C-level executives, the CFOs & COOs Forum is an irreplaceable resource for the private equity community. Featuring a breadth of relevant topics and authoritative speakers, finance and operations executives are guaranteed to receive key information that will impact processes and practices within the firm.

The 2023 Forum will feature insightful keynotes, panels, working groups, live Q&As, think tanks and lunch chats that allow you to:

  • Gain new strategies to boost finance and operational team efficiencies
  • Benchmark against peers on the most influential topics impacting senior finance and operations professionals
  • Learn and share the latest trends in the PE & VC markets
  • Explore new services and technologies onsite from a vetted group of private market service providers

2023 Discussion topics

» Continuation Funds

» Cybersecurity

» Diversity Equity and Inclusion

» ESG Reporting

» Evolving Your Back Office

» Finance Team Recruitment & Retention

» Fund Finance

» Fundraising

» LP Reporting

» Managing Data & Technology


» Managing Geopolitical & Macroeconomic Risks

» New Audit Rules & SEC Exams

» New Marketing Rule

» Secondaries

» Tax Considerations

Connect with your peers.

Connect with a community of CFOs, COOs, and senior finance executives in networking sessions and small group meetings.

Hear from the leaders in private equity.

The Forum’s authoritative speaking faculty will share key information that will impact processes and practices within the firm.

Save time building your network.

Create and nurture sustainable relationships with private equity’s elite by using our sophisticated matchmaking platform.

Our 2022 attendees included

17Capital Services Limited
Activant Capital Group LLC
Advent International Corp
Alter Domus
Antares Capital
Apex Group
Bernhard Capital Partners Management, LP
BP Energy Partners LLC
Bregal Investments
Butterfly Equity, LP
CCMP Capital Advisors LP
Crestview Advisors, LLC
Deloitte Services LP
Dyal Capital
ECP Management, LP
Eldridge Industries
Equilibrium Capita
EWM Global
Eze Castle Integration
Frontier Growth
Fundamental Advisors LP
Gen II Fund Services LLC
Goldman Sachs
Graham Partners
Grant Thornton LLP
HarbourVest Partners
Illumina Ventures
Jeremy Thurber
Juniper Square, Inc
Kainos Capital
Kohlberg & Company
Lionpoint Group
Lovell Minnick Partners
Madryn Asset Management LP
Melody Investment Advisors
MiddleGround Capita
Nebrodi Partners
New Harbor Capital
New Leaf Venture Partners
New MainStream Capital
New Spring Capital
Northern Trust
OpEff Technologies LLC
Paladin Capital Group
Pamlico Capital
Peak Rock Capital
PEF Services
Periscope Equity
Pfingsten Partners
Pritzker Private Capital
Promus Holdings
Quantum Energy Partners
Relay Ventures
Revelstoke Capital Partners LLC
SFW Capital Partners
Sheridan Capital Partners LP
The CapStreet Group
The Raine Group
Thoma Bravo LLC
Thompson Street Capital Partners
TMF Netherlands B.V.
TowerBrook Capital Partners L.P
Trilantic Capital Partners
Trive Capital
Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders LLP
Ultimus LeverPoint
United Health Care
White Wolf Capital LLC
York Capital Management

What attendees say about the Forum

Lisa Costello

HCI Equity Partners

I have attended the CFOs and COOs Forum in NYC for many years. It is a great way to stay abreast of the myriad of topics that affect the PE industry. You will f…

Read full testimonial

Bernadette Mentor

Prysm Capital

The learning sessions and networking opportunities are invaluable. All of the topics are relevant and relatable and PEI’s ability to facilitate these disc…

Read full testimonial

Blake Bennett

Revelstoke Capital Partners

I really enjoy this conference. I can always count on the who’s who of private equity professionals to be in attendance.

2023 Agenda

Download the agenda to see the timely and relevant topics that will be covered at this year’s Forum.

If you are interested in a speaking role for 2023 please contact contact Kellie Green at

All times are listed in Eastern Time (ET)

Day 1 Day 2
View agenda page


Day 1 - Wednesday 18th

08:00 - 09:00

Registration – continental breakfast

PEI welcome
09:00 - 09:10

PEI welcome & chair’s introduction

Chair’s welcome
09:10 - 09:15

Chair’s welcome & Keynote Introduction

Keynote address
09:15 - 10:00

Opening Keynote Address by Ron Insana, Senior Analyst & Commentator, CNBC

As the world grapples with inflation, broken supply chains, confounding markets, economic and political turmoil, and living with Covid long term, Ron Insana is a voice of economic reason. Properly assessing the current
environment is vital to determining what to do next. A savvy trend-watcher, Ron looks at today through the lens
of economic history. He’ll offer insights to help plan for the future in a world beset by constant change –

  • Comparing prospects: Main Street vs. Wall Street
  • The outlook for business growth; which sectors are winning, which are stuck?
  • Markets always send signals; what is the message of the markets right now?
  • Washington policy moves: how they’ll impact business and investments
Plenary session
10:00 - 11:00

10th annual EY global CFO and COO benchmarking survey results

In this session, we will review the results of the ninth annual survey of CFOs and COOs from across the globe.
We’ve collected extensive data on people, processes, and planning for the future. The insight gained from the
survey will provide the foundation for a robust discussion by an esteemed panel of CFOs and COOs representing
a broad spectrum of private funds.

Networking coffee break
11:00 - 11:30

Networking coffee break

Think tanks | State of market
11:30 - 12:30

Track A | Industry trends | Fund finance in a high inflation environment (GPs only)

  • Interest rates impact — where are we now and where are going in terms of price of products, what will the lending landscape looks like?
  • Supply/demand dynamics for fund finance in 2023 Subscription lines
    • Partner / GP / management fee lines of credit
    • Umbrella credit facilities
    • NAV credit
  • Understanding the risks associated with each fund facility
  • Will inflation rates lead to a decrease in the use of subscription lines
11:30 - 12:30

Track B | Regulatory & geopolitical considerations | Geopolitical risk & concerns (GPs only)

  • China & US policy and trade issue
  • Russia-Ukraine war
  • Crisis response
  • Disruptions to firm operations
  • Political/media scrutiny
  • Balance risks and long-term market priorities
  • Russian malicious cyber activity concerns
11:30 - 12:30

Track C | PE firm operations | Preparing a readiness framework for your firm in advance of an economic downturn (GPs only)

  • How can you maximize liquidity to prepare?
  • Creating a triage plan
  • Expanding offerings into private debt, infrastructure, real estate, venture capital, growth capital and natural resources
  • How should you be thinking about supply chain risk?
  • Tips for restructuring vendor agreements
  • Enhancing procurement strategies
  • Where can you automate and streamline?
11:30 - 12:30

Track D | Professional development | Talent management in 2023: dealing with the current talent shortage and adapting to long term trends (GPs only)

  • How has the talent shortage impacted your finance teams?
  • What trends are you seeing in the hiring market?
    • Increased competition?
    • Investment banks keeping analysts longer
  • Ways to incentivize and retain finance teams in this highly competitive environment
  • What are compensation trends looking like?
  • What types of are flexible work schedules are being offered
  • How are you enhancing benefit packages?
    Are you seeing generational differences of opinions on:

    • Back to office
    • Retainment incentives
11:30 - 12:30

Track E | Service providers | Adapting to the current state of the market and supporting clients though uncertain times (SPs only)

  • Anticipating wants, needs, expectations of clients during the fast-changing environment
  • Setting realistic expectations
Networking luncheon
12:30 - 13:30

Networking luncheon

Breakout sessions I
13:30 - 14:20

Track A | Industry Trends | Boosting cybersecurity efforts amidst skyrocketing cyberattacks against financial firms

Cyberattacks against financial firms are up 238% and private equity firms quickly becoming a top target.

  • How do you build a sustainable cybersecurity program
  • Challenges of overseeing cybersecurity
  • How can you adapt to the increased threat associated with remote work
13:30 - 14:20

Track B | Regulatory & Geopolitical | Considerations SEC exams in 2023: new audit rules & how to be prepared for an exam

  • How can CFOs and COOs add value on the portfolio company level when it comes to efficiency, spend, regulation, performance and more.
    • Cyber assessments at the portfolio level
    • Onboarding new portfolio companies into the governance system
    • Helping portfolio companies with vendors, service providers, build boards, ESG strategies
    • Group purchasing & insurance
  • Where can you really make the most impact when you’re only spending some small amount of time working with each portfolio company?
  • Best practices for collecting and formatting data from portfolio companies
  • What technology tools are helpful?
13:30 - 14:20

Track C | PE Firm Operations | Maximizing impact at the portfolio company level

  • What are the top issues causing concern for today’s finance and operations executives?
  • International conflicts impact on private equity
  • Cybersecurity, compliance, and changing SEC regulation
  • What areas of concern could potentially bring any firm to its knees?
  • Putting good controls in place at the firm
  • Bolstering the relationship between finance and fundraising and IR
13:30 - 14:20

Track D | Professional | Development Driving personal & team transformations as a COO

  • What are the top issues causing concern for today’s finance and operations executives?
  • International conflicts impact on private equity
  • Cybersecurity, compliance, and changing SEC regulation
  • What areas of concern could potentially bring any firm to its knees?
  • Putting good controls in place at the firm
  • Bolstering the relationship between finance and fundraising and IR
Breakout sessions II
14:25 - 15:15

Track A | Industry Trends | Private equity secondaries amid shifting market dynamics

  • Will record breaking volume continue as GPs and LPs look for ways to increase liquidity?
  • What are the current and future supply/demand dynamics
  • Identifying pockets of resilience as potential downturn unfolds
  • What’s expected in the secondaries market regarding valuations
  • Interest rates impacts on the secondaries market
  • Geopolitical risk considerations
14:25 - 15:15

Track B | Regulatory & Geopolitical Considerations | Staying ahead of proposed regulatory & tax changes

  • Proposed amendments to Form PF
  • Fees & expenses
    • How are firms rethinking fees and expenses in light of proposed new compliance monitoring and reporting obligations?
    • Accelerated monitoring fees
    • Lack of standardization of how funds measure returns
    • Future of pass-through expense models
  • Taxes and the future of carry
  • ESG and the SEC proposed enhancements to disclosures
  • SEC proposed amendments to enhance and standardize disclosures regarding cybersecurity risk management
14:25 - 15:15

Track C | PE Firm Operations | Tackling operational complexity while streamlining firm operations

  • Firms are no longer operating as lean mean deal machines LPs want to see the whole firms professionalized
  • Determining the proper amount of back/middle-office staff to carry the firm forward?
  • Thoughts on using management company as a cost center vs use it more as a profit center
  • Goals in terms of helping your firm improve data management and data evolution
14:25 - 15:15

Track D | Professional Development | Personal & team development of junior finance professionals

  • Mapping career journeys for jr team members (alongside managers and HR if applicable)
  • Creating/seeking out opportunities for your team to interact with other business units within your firm
  • Ways to enhance the strategic acumen of analysts, treasurers, controllers and stay/help them stay engaged
  • Coming up with/encouraging creative solutions
Networking coffee break
15:15 - 15:45

Networking coffee break

Plenary session
15:45 - 16:35

Using data to gain a strategic advantage

  • How can better data collection help with accounting, transparency, reporting and more.
  • How is your data analysed to discern patterns and make better decisions?
  • Using technology to foster strategic growth
    • Data warehouses
    • Data lakes
    • Business intelligence tools
  • Strategies for data quality control
  • Data protection
Keynote interview
16:35 - 17:15

Keynote Interview - ESG & Sustainability

Dave Stangis, Senior Partner & Chief Sustainability Officer, Apollo Global Management

Cocktail reception and end of day one
17:15 - 18:15

Cocktail reception and end of day one


Day 2 - Thursday 19th

Members Town Hall
08:00 - 08:30

Members Town Hall

Continental breakfast
08:30 - 09:00

Continental breakfast

Delegates will enjoy breakfast at breakout sessions based on asset class and market segmentations

  • RE/Infrastructure/Debt
  • VC & Emerging Managers
  • Middle Market
  • Global Buyout
Think tanks
09:00 - 09:55

CFOs Think Tank (Invite only)

09:00 - 09:55

COOs Think Tank (Invite only)

09:00 - 09:55

Senior Finance Executive Think Tank (Open to all)

Chair’s welcome & Keynote Introduction
09:55 - 10:00

Chair’s welcome & Keynote Introduction

Keynote interview
10:00 - 10:45

Reframing diversity, equity & inclusion: how difference can make a difference

Wema Hoover, Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leader, Executive Coach, Culture Curator, & former Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Google & Pfizer

As a former Chief Diversity Officer, Cultural Strategist and Employee Engagement Leader at Fortune 500 companies including Google, Pfizer, Sanofi, and Bristol-Myers Squibb, Wema Hoover demonstrates how to harness diversity to unlock an organization’s skills and abilities. She reveals how inclusive practices lead to increased employee engagement and collaboration, breakthrough thinking and enhanced innovation. Wema also discusses unconscious bias, how to create a culture of belonging, and cultural competence. An authentic, riveting and impactful speaker, Wema uses her lived experiences as a Black female senior executive to show the true potential of diversity and that differences really can make a difference.

Plenary session
10:45 - 11:35

Evolving your back office: how are firms reinventing themselves post-pandemic

  • How are you adapting to the increased focus on purpose and transparency?
  • How are you rethinking performance metrics and KPIs for post-pandemic goals?
  • Are you revisiting your long-term real estate footprint?
  • What have you learned about future disaster preparedness?
Networking coffee break
11:35 - 12:05

Networking coffee break

Breakout sessions III
12:05 - 12:55

Track A | Industry Trends | The continuing momentum of continuation funds

  • Continuation fund popularity has skyrocketed and they currently account for over half the deal flow in private equity secondaries transaction
    • What is driving this trend and is it sustainable?
  • Facts vs fiction with the preconceived notions about continuation funds
  • How to structure continuation funds to ensure fairness and avoid potential misalignment of interests
  • Conflicts of interest considerations that arise while managing both an existing investment vehicle and another vehicle and how to strike the right balance between profit and fiduciary duty
12:05 - 12:55

Track B | Regulatory & Geopolitical Considerations | Overcoming the ongoing challenges of the new marketing rule

  • What have been the biggest challenges to overcome when becoming compliant with the new marketing rule
  • How are you continuing to communicate and train your team on the revised rule and your firm’s updated policies and procedures
  • Are you prepared to adjust procedures, materials and documentation as best practices evolve?
12:05 - 12:55

Track C | PE Firm Operations | Multi-strategy transitions: addressing growing pains along the way

  • What are the most common challenges when moving away from a single fund model and transitioning to multi-strategy?
  • Understanding fiduciary duties and identifying and resolving conflicts as you grow
  • Ways to remain nimble even as your strategies become more complex
  • Communicating with limited partners about your expansion into different strategies
12:05 - 12:55

Track D | Professional Development | The CFO of the future: expanding your knowledge to drive further impact at your firm

  • How to engage your stakeholders and become a better data “storyteller”
  • How to better convey complex financial data and ideas in a digestible way
  • Enhancing your financial decision-making skills
  • Cross-functional knowledge of the company and becoming a better strategic partner to the CEO
  • Transcending the finance department to become a more holistic leader — what are non-financial skills you should cultivate?
Networking luncheon
13:00 - 14:00

Networking luncheon

Breakout Panels with Peer-to-Peer Workshops
14:00 - 14:30

Technology Breakout Panel | Addressing the need for enhanced connectivity between technology and data management tools

  • With an abundance of technology solutions how do you compile multiple information outputs in a way that’s useful?
  • Tips and tools for enhancing connectivity between technology and data tools
  • How can you streamline the number of
    productivity-enhancing tools you’re using?
14:00 - 14:30

DEI Breakout Panel | Steps for elevating diversity equity and inclusion initiatives at your firm and beyond

  • What are the elements of a best-inclass DEI program?
  • What are the most comprehensive ways to assess progress?
14:00 - 14:30

ESG Breakout Panel | ESG Data collection & reporting

  • How to measure and report on the financial return on ESG activities
  • Ensuring accuracy and overcoming concerns about the trustworthiness of ESG data
Breakout Panels with Peer-to-Peer Workshops
14:30 - 15:20

Peer-to-Peer technology workshop

Similar to our think tank sessions, these workshops will give delegates the opportunity for peer-to-peer discussion and the sharing of best practices around making data more usable without requiring considerable manual input and ways to automating manual processes.

14:30 - 15:20

Peer-to-Peer DEI workshop

Similar to our think tank sessions, these workshops will give delegates the opportunity for peer-to-peer discussion and the sharing of best practices around elevating diversity equity and inclusion initiatives at your firm and throughout your portfolio.

14:30 - 15:20

Peer-to-Peer ESG workshop

Similar to our think tank sessions, these workshops will give delegates the opportunity for peer-to-peer discussion and the sharing of best practices around ESG data collection & reporting.

Plenary session
15:20 - 16:10

Adapting to the newly accelerated pace of fundraising & reporting

  • Adapting to the accelerated pace caused by – retaliation and influx of new investors
  • Post covid changes
    • Hybrid format and less road shows
    • Rapid deployment of capital that seems to have stuck.
  • Firms are now going to market every 2 years vs 4 year previously
  • How to adapt to the extreme competition in fundraising
  • Finding the right tools and systems to manage the post pandemic workflow
  • Outsourcing considerations
Closing keynote
16:10 - 16:50

Closing keynote

Closing remarks
16:50 - 17:00

Closing remarks

End of conference
17:00 - 17:30

End of conference

Year-round networking for private equity CFOs and COOs

The 19th annual CFOs & COOs Forum New York returns as in-person, live event January 2022.

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Meet our growing community of CFOs & COOs

ABRY Partners
Advent International
American Family Ventures
Avista Capital Partners
Center Rock Capital Partners
The Cynosure Group
Crestview Advisors
Fengate Asset Management
Five Point Energy
Flexpoint Ford
Frontier Growth
Fundamental Advisors LP
Greenspring Associates
Greyhound Capital Europe
HCI Equity Partners
JMI Equity
Kohlberg & Company
Landmark Partners
Lindsay Goldberg
Lovell Minnick Partners
LLR Partners
Luther King Capital Management
Melody Investment Advisors
MiddleGround Capital
MidOcean Partners
New Harbor Capital
New Leaf Venture Partners
OrbiMed Advisors
ORIX Capital Partners
Ottawa Avenue Private Capital
Palladin Consumer Retail Partners LLC
Peak Rock Capital
Portland Private Equity
Promus Holdings
Resource Land Holdings
Revelstoke Capital Partners
SFW Capital Partners
Stripes Group
Tailwater Capital
Thomas H. Lee Partners
VMG Partners

Connect with your peers.

Connect with a community of CFOs, COOs, and senior finance executives in networking sessions and small group meetings.

Hear from the leaders in private equity.

The Forum’s authoritative speaking faculty will share key information that will impact processes and practices within the firm.

Save time building your network.

Create and nurture sustainable relationships with private equity’s elite by using our sophisticated matchmaking platform.

What our attendees are saying about CFOs & COOs Forum

James Crossen

Managing Director Finance Apollo Global Management

The top conference I have attended. Very relevant topics, a great cast of characters and a diverse group of firms represented.

Kristine O' Connor

Managing Director and CFO, Franklin Park

The Forum is consistently the best conference for finance professionals in the private equity industry! The event offers meaningful content, knowledgeable speak…

Read full testimonial

Shant Mardirossian

Partner, Chief Operating Officer, Kohlberg & Company

A must attend conference for me. Plan to expand to other members of the Finance team.

CFOs & COOs Forum New York attendees get more:

By attending the CFOs & COOs Forum New York you will join the most influential CFOs and COOs community. Membership will give you:

  • Access to the CFOs & COOs Forum New York
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  • And much more …

2022 Speakers

For speaking opportunities, contact Kellie Green or call + 1 646 921 2557 | ext 205.

Charmone Adams

Advisory Senior Manager, Grant Thornton LLP

Charmone Adams is an Advisory Senior Manager with Grant Thornton LLP and is based in the New York Office. Since joining the firm, Charmone has been working closely with many SEC and FINRA regulated entities. He has over 13 years of experience in fina… Read full bio

Hina Ahmad

Senior Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer, Capital Dynamics

Hina is a Senior Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer and member of the Executive Committee. She is also a member of our Responsible Investment Committee – Truly Invested® in Diversity & Inclusion (“D&I”). Prior to joining us, she was a… Read full bio

Saba Ahmad

Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Turning Rock Partners

Saba Ahmad, Partner and COO. Ms. Ahmad is a Partner at Turning Rock where she serves as COO and oversees all non-investment related activities at the firm. Prior to joining Turning Rock Partners, Ms. Ahmad spent over seven years at Fortress Investmen… Read full bio

Frank Anduiza

EVP, Head of Private Fund Sales, Ultimus LeverPoint

As Executive Vice President, Head of Private Fund Sales, Frank is responsible for growing the private fund administration business and overseeing the private fund business development team at Ultimus LeverPoint. He develops the sales and market strat… Read full bio

Anne Anquillare, CFA

Head of CSC U.S. Fund Services

Anne is the Head of CSC’s U.S. Fund Services. Anne has been active in the private equity industry since 1993 and maintains her long-standing passion for bringing best in class investor reporting experience along with business process improvements to… Read full bio

Georges Archibald

Regional Managing Director - Americas, Apex Group Ltd.

Georges has over 20 years of experience spanning law, capital markets, and fund administration. He currently oversees Apex’s business across the Americas and joined as part of the Apex acquisition of Deutsche Bank Alternative Fund Services (AFS) grou… Read full bio

Jonathan Balkin

Founder & Executive Director, Lionpoint Group

Jonathan founded Lionpoint to deliver market-leading technology and operations solutions to firms in the private markets industry. Jonathan spearheads many of Lionpoint’s technology vendor partnerships, ensuring the business is at the forefront when… Read full bio

Jeremy Barlow

Head of Commercial, Diligent Equity, Diligent

Jeremy leads the commercial team for Diligent Equity, which simplifies equity and portfolio management for venture capital, private equity, start-ups, and service providers. Diligent is the largest governance, risk and compliance (GRC) SaaS provider,… Read full bio

Brandon Baudin

Chief Financial Officer, The Sterling Group

Brandon joined Sterling in 2018 as Chief Financial Officer. He is responsible for all financial management aspects of the firm, as well as advising the firm’s portfolio company CFOs on certain financial issues and transactions. Previously, Brandon wa… Read full bio

Noah Becker

Chief Financial Officer, LLR Partners

Mr. Becker joined LLR Partners in 2012 and is responsible for financial reporting and oversight of all administrative financial matters. Prior to joining LLR he held senior financial positions at early stage as well as established entities and previo… Read full bio

John Beczak

Chief Financial Officer. Resource Capital Funds

John joined RCF in 2016. Prior to joining, John held positions in various Private Equity financial oversight roles, most recently with a family office overseeing all financial responsibilities of a $10 billion private and public equity portfolio. Pre… Read full bio

Graham Bippart

Editor, Private Funds CFO, Private Equity International

Graham Bippart is editor of Private Funds CFO, an online and monthly print intelligence source focusing on best practices for private funds finance and accounting professionals. Graham has covered a broad range of financial markets in the US and Euro… Read full bio

Jeff Bohl

CFO, Ontra

Jeff is the CFO of Ontra. Prior to Ontra, Jeff was a Managing Director at H.I.G. Capital in San Francisco. Earlier, Jeff worked in technology investment banking at J.P. Morgan and product management at Jeff holds an M.B.A. from Harvar… Read full bio

Tony Braddock

Chief Financial Officer, Stellex Capital Management LLC

Mr. Braddock is the Chief Financial Officer of Stellex Capital Management and its affiliates. Prior to joining Stellex in 2014, Mr. Braddock founded Oculus Resource Group, Inc., a family office advisory firm focused on private investments in natural… Read full bio

Tim Buchner

COO, Alpha for Private Markets, State Street

Tim Buchner is co-founder of Mercatus and COO of State Street Alpha for Private Markets. During his 20+ year career, Tim has helped both start-up and public companies to disrupt and create new markets and drive profitable growth, with leadership role… Read full bio
Kyle Burrell EY

Kyle Burrell

Partner, Financial Services Office, Ernst & Young LLP

Kyle is a partner in the asset management practice of Ernst & Young’s Financial Services Office and is responsible for coordinating assurance services to our clients, working closely with our tax and transaction support practices. Kyle has 18 yea… Read full bio

Jesse Burwell

CFO & Senior Managing Director, Liberty Strategic Capital

Jesse Burwell serves as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer for Liberty Strategic Capital and is also a member of the Investment Committee. Mr. Burwell joined Liberty after fifteen years at the private equity firm RLJ Equity Partners… Read full bio

Tracey Chaffin

Partner and Chief Financial Officer, Pamlico Capital

Ms. Chaffin joined Pamlico Capital in 1995. She serves as the firm’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer is responsible for the firm’s portfolio administration, compliance, and finance activities. Ms. Chaffin is a Certified Public Ac… Read full bio

Megan Chandler

Director, Global Talent Management, The Riverside Company

Megan Chandler joined The Riverside Company in 2018 and co-leads the firm’s Global Talent Management function. Prior to joining Riverside, she was a Compensation Associate at Fortress Investment Group, a division of SoftBank Group, supporting compens… Read full bio
Joshua Cherry-Seto, Blue Wolf Capital

Joshua Cherry-Seto

Managing Director, CFO & CCO, Blue Wolf Capital Partners

Joshua Cherry-Seto is the Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer at Blue Wolf Capital Partners LLC, a family of private equity funds which focus on transformational investments in middle market companies. Mr. Cherry-S… Read full bio

Dave Clauson

Director, BKD, CPAs & Advisors

Dave is a member of BKD National Enterprise Risk Solutions Practice, with more than 25 years of experience as an environmental, safety, and sustainability program manager. His areas of expertise include leading environmental, social, and governance (… Read full bio

Sam Cohn

Chief Financial Officer - Credit & Venture, Perceptive Advisors

Sam Cohn is the Chief Financial Officer - Credit & Venture at Perceptive Advisors where he is responsible for managing the accounting and operations for Perceptive’s Credit Opportunities Funds and the Perceptive Xontogeny Venture Funds, which tot… Read full bio

Dina M. Colombo

Partner, COO & CFO, GreyLion Capital

Prior to GreyLion, Ms. Colombo was Chief Financial Officer & Managing Director of CCMP Capital Advisors. Previously, she held a variety of responsibilities at JPMorgan Partners, including investor reporting, investment structuring, portfolio mana… Read full bio

Shannon Dolan

SVP, Asset Management & Private Markets, FIS

Shannon is a client-focused, results-driven business executive with extensive experience in growing software, services and data businesses. Shannon has been with FIS since December 2015, as the general manager of the FIS Data and Process Solutions Gr… Read full bio

Andrew Edelman

VP of Sales, Cobalt, a FactSet Company

Andrew is the VP of Sales at Cobalt, a FactSet Company. Andrew started his career with Cobalt Software in 2014 and supported the launch of next generation portfolio monitoring technology to the private markets industry. Based in Boston, Andrew is foc… Read full bio

Gerald Esposito

Partner, CFO & CCO, Newbury Partners

Mr. Esposito is a Partner and serves as the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of Newbury, responsible for all aspects of operations, internal and external financial reporting, and regulatory oversight. Prior to Newbury, Mr. Esposit… Read full bio

April Evans

Partner, CFO and CCO, Monitor Clipper Partners

April E. Evans is Partner, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of Monitor Clipper Partners, which has raised and managed $2 billion in private equity. Previously, Ms. Evans was Partner and CFO of Advanced Technology Ventures, a $1.5… Read full bio

Simon Eyre

Chief Information Security Officer, Drawbridge

Managing Director and Chief Information Security Officer at Drawbridge. He is a leader and frequent public speaker on all aspects of Cybersecurity with a particular focus on the Alternative Investment Markets. Simon brings more than 20 years of deep… Read full bio

Jay Farber

Head of Growth, Juniper Square

Jay Farber is Head of Growth at Juniper Square, a venture-backed technology company providing fund management software and administration services to more than 1,700 GPs with over $2.0T in assets under management. Jay is also a Venture Partner at F-P… Read full bio

Adam Felsenthal

General Counsel, Deputy Chief Compliance Officer, Great Point Partners

Mr. Felsenthal is the General Counsel and Deputy CCO at Great Point Partners. Prior to Great Point, he worked at Irving Place Capital, Davis Polk & Wardwell, and Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison. Mr. Felsenthal also serves as the Secr… Read full bio

Nathan Ford

Senior Vice President, Business Development, Drawbridge

Nathan Ford is Senior Vice President, Business Development of Drawbridge. He is responsible for new client acquisition, team expansion, partnerships, and client relationship management. Before joining Drawbridge, Nathan served as an Executive Directo… Read full bio

Adam Freedman

Chief Compliance Officer and Associate General Counsel, Angelo Gordon

Adam Freedman joined Angelo Gordon in November 2012. He is the firm’s Chief Compliance Officer. Previously, Adam served as an Executive Director in Morgan Stanley’s Legal and Compliance Department, where he led the Regulatory Counsel/Policies & P… Read full bio

Brian Garfield, CFA, ASA

Managing Director, Lincoln International

Brian provides valuation and transaction opinion services to public and private investment funds. He works with private equity institutions, hedge funds, credit opportunity funds, business development companies, pension funds and mutual funds to valu… Read full bio

James Gaven

General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, SK Capital Partners

Mr. Gaven joined SK Capital as General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer in 2022. Prior to joining SK Capital, Mr. Gaven spent over 11 years as Senior Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer at Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe. In addition to… Read full bio

Jacqueline Giammarco

Managing Director & Chief Compliance Officer, Stone Point Capital

Jacqueline M. Giammarco is a Managing Director and Stone Point Capital’s Chief Compliance Officer, member of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee and Chair of the ESG Committee. She joined Stone Point in 2012 from MF Global where from 2007 t… Read full bio

Jeffrey Gilbert

Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel, Carnelian Energy Capital

Jeffrey Gilbert is the Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of Carnelian Energy Capital Management, L.P., where he oversees Carnelian’s administrative, compliance and legal functions. Mr. Gilbert focuses on fund and corporate matters and other… Read full bio

Omar Hassan

Principal, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, Cloverlay Partners

Omar is a Principal, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer for Cloverlay Partners where he leads all financial reporting, investor relations, operations and compliance functions. Cloverlay is an independent asset management firm to foc… Read full bio

Stephen E. Hoey

Chief Financial Officer, Vertica Capital Partners

Steve has over 34 years of experience in the private equity space, building infrastructure at several firms which became brand name international private equity leaders attracting billions of dollars of capital from institutional, government pension… Read full bio

Devin Holden

Compliance Director, NovaQuest Capital Management

Devin Holden is the Compliance Director for NovaQuest Capital Management, a private investment firm focused on the biopharmaceutical, life sciences, and healthcare areas. She has almost 10 years of compliance, accounting, and operational due diligenc… Read full bio

Ruth E. Horowitz

Vice President, Equity Mobilization Division, IFC and Head, IFC Asset Management Company

Ruth is Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer of AMC. She joined AMC at the start of its operations in 2009, and she is responsible for the strategy and operations of the business. She sits on the investment committees for all funds. Before joining… Read full bio

Sara Huang

Managing Director, Ardian

Sara Huang joined Ardian’s Fund of Funds team in New York in 2010. Previously Sara worked as an investment banking analyst at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the Equity Capital Markets team, where she worked on convertible bond issuance and equi… Read full bio

Eric Huttman

CEO, MillTechFX

As CEO of MillTechFX, Eric has overall responsibility for the management of the firm, and for implementing the strategic direction of the business set by the Board of Directors. Prior to establishing MillTechFX, Eric managed currency portfolios for o… Read full bio

Bryan D. Hunkele

Partner, Ropes & Gray LLP

Leading buyout fund sponsors, fund investors and asset managers worldwide look to Bryan Hunkele for counsel on their most complex matters. A partner in Ropes & Gray’s asset management group, Bryan guides clients on the structuring, formation, off… Read full bio

Rich Itri

Chief Innovation Officer, ECI

Rich Itri is a Senior Vice President of Professional Services (CIO Advisory) at Eze Castle Integration. Rich has over 22 years of IT executive experience, spending his entire career managing IT within the financial services industry. Prior to joining… Read full bio
Rod James PEI Media

Rod James

Senior Reporter, Private Equity International and Secondaries Investor

Rod James is senior reporter with Secondaries Investor and Private Equity International, based in the London office. Prior to PEI, his roles included a stint as a freelancer covering fintech and transaction banking, CEEMEA capital markets reporter wi… Read full bio

Raoul Kamath

Regional Director – Americas, EWM Global

Raoul collaborates with some of the world’s largest private capital firms, asset managers, banks and insurance companies – to digitally transform their executive incentives, carried interest and partner commitment / co-investment programs. He is a re… Read full bio

Sandra Kim-Suk

Chief Financial Officer, Engine No. 1

Sandi is the CFO of Engine No. 1 and brings 25 years of experience in banking and private equity to her role. Prior to joining Engine No. 1, Sandi was the CFO of Norwest Equity Partners/Norwest Mezzanine Partners and previously for L Catterton. She b… Read full bio

Amy Knapp

Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Corsair Capital

Ms. Knapp is a Partner and the Operating Officer of Corsair and a member of the firm’s Investment Committee. She joined Corsair in 2001 and is based in New York. Ms. Knapp leads the finance, legal, compliance, human talent, information technology and… Read full bio

Vincent Korta

CFO & COO, 2B Living

Vincent Korta is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer at 2B Living, a Bay Area residential property management firm. In this role, he leads the firm's corporate and property accounting groups as well as the firm's corporate operati… Read full bio

Rishi Kotecha

Head of General Partner Segment, BlackRock

Rishi Kotecha leads the General Partner segment within BlackRock Solutions. As global head, he is responsible for the overall direction for the GP segment, enhancing client relationships, and ensuring market-leading, quality solutions are continually… Read full bio

Jill Lampert

Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, NGP Energy Capital Management

Ms. Lampert joined NGP in 2007 and serves as Chief Financial and Administrative Officer of NGP. Since taking her current position, NGP has significantly grown its capital commitments. To support this growth, Ms. Lampert has built out the infrastructu… Read full bio

P. Thao Le

Partner, Troutman Pepper

P. Thao Le is a partner in the Corporate and Securities Group of the Commercial Department of Pepper Hamilton LLP, resident in the firm’s Philadelphia office. Ms. Le has a transactional practice concentrating in matters of mergers and acquisitions, a… Read full bio

Richard Lee, CPA

Chief Financial Officer, The Cynosure Group

Richard Lee joined The Cynosure Group in 2016 and is the firm’s Chief Financial Officer. Richard has been instrumental in developing Cynosure’s operations and reporting as the firm has grown from approximately $250 million of Asset Under Management w… Read full bio

Mark Levitt

Chief of Staff, Global Infrastructure Partners

Mark Levitt is Chief of Staff at Global Infrastructure Partners. Mr. Levitt works with GIP’s Managing Partner on strategy and leadership of the Firm. Previously, Mr. Levitt was GIP’s Chief Operating Officer and Global Head of Human Capital. Over the… Read full bio

Mark Magerman, PhD, PCC

Executive Coach, Organization Development Consultant, Gestalt Works

Mark Magerman has over forty years of working with individuals, groups, and organizations, as a consultant, trainer, educator, and executive and performance coach. He specializes in culture change, relational systems, personal growth, individual, tea… Read full bio

Thomas Mayrhofer

Chief Operating Officer, EJF Capital, LLC

Mr. Mayrhofer joined EJF in 2018 and is a member of the Executive Committee, EJF’s Valuation Committee and Risk Committee. Mr. Mayrhofer has more than 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to joining EJF, Mr. Mayrhofer was… Read full bio

Rich Melville

Editorial Director, US, PEI Media

Rich is an editorial leader with more than 25 years of experience in financial journalism. In his role at PEI Media, he leads the editorial teams for a group that includes Private Equity International, Buyouts, PE Hub, Venture Capital Journal, Privat… Read full bio

Nickie Norris

Senior Partner, COO, CCO, New Heritage Capital

Ms. Norris co-founded New Heritage Capital in 2006 and serves as NHC’s Senior Partner, COO, and CCO. With over 20 years in the private equity industry, Ms. Norris has extensive experience on both the investment and operations side of the business. Sh… Read full bio

Kristine O’Connor

Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer, Franklin Park

Kristine is Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director of Franklin Park. At Franklin Park, Kristine leads the accounting and reporting functions. She is also actively involved in the firm's compliance efforts. Prior to joining Franklin Park in 200… Read full bio

Matt Okolita

Head of Outsourced Business Services, IQ-EQ

Matt Okolita is the Head of Outsourced Business Services for IQEQ. Prior to his role at IQEQ, Mr. Okolita founded Greyline Partners, LLC which was acquired by IQEQ in the Fall of 2021. As part of IQEQ, Greyline offers Compliance, Operations, and CFO… Read full bio

Stephanie Paine

Partner and Chief Financial Officer, Pritzker Private Capital

Stephanie Paine is a Partner and Chief Financial Officer for Pritzker Private Capital. In this role, she oversees the financial reporting, tax, treasury, management company operations, human resources, and IT functions. Prior to joining PPC Partners,… Read full bio

Tony Paredes

Vice President, Head of Global Business Development, Anduin

Tony is Global Head of Business Development at Anduin. With over 20 years of experience working with the private capital markets and having held numerous leadership roles; Tony was previously with Sentieo Inc, Shareholder Insite (acquired by IPREO) a… Read full bio

Michael Patanella

Managing Partner - Asset Management, Grant Thornton

Michael has been with Grant Thornton for over 19 years. He has been an audit partner for 14 years and has served as the National Asset Management sector leader for approximately 9 years. Michael has over 24 years of experience in public accounting, a… Read full bio

Andrew W. Petri

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, Pfingsten Partners, L.L.C.

Andrew joined Pfingsten in 2008 and is responsible for all financial, tax, compliance and administrative activities of the firm. Prior to joining Pfingsten, Andrew worked with private equity, hedge fund, and broker-dealer audit clients in the Financi… Read full bio

Deneshea L. Phelps

Chief Financial & Compliance Officer, Arlington Capital

Deneshea is the Chief Financial and Compliance Officer of Arlington Capital Partners. She oversees the firm’s administrative operations and is responsible for general and limited partnership accounting, reporting and compliance. Prior to joining Arli… Read full bio

Brad Pietras

Director of Finance, Level Equity

Brad Pietras is the Director of Finance at Level Equity. Prior to joining Level Equity in 2022, Mr. Pietras was a Vice President and the Controller at Lightyear Capital where he was responsible for all finance, accounting, and tax functions. Previous… Read full bio

Barnaby Piggott

CEO, Atlas by Holland Mountain

Barnaby has over 20 years of experience working with Private Capital fund managers and investors, throughout Europe and the US. Since launching the ATLAS data platform in 2019, Barnaby has been on a mission to help Private Capital managers on their j… Read full bio

Heramb Ramachandran

Chief Financial Officer, Sciens Capital

Heramb is a seasoned finance professional with over 15 years of experience in private equity, financial services, and professional services. Heramb is currently the Chief Financial Officer for Sciens Water (“Sciens”) and is responsible for the financ… Read full bio
Neeta Rastogi, Activant

Neeta Rastogi Singh

Chief Operating Officer, Activant Capital Group LLC

Neeta joined Activant in 2017 and is the Chief Operating Officer. Neeta manages the operations of Activant Capital, works with portfolio companies and sits on the Investment Committee. She enjoys working with entrepreneurs and brings her expertise bu… Read full bio

Kevin Richardson

Finance Director, Bregal Sagemount

Kevin Richardson is a Finance Director at Bregal Sagemount responsible for finance and accounting operations. Previously, Kevin was a Managing Director for the Private Equity business at Fortress Investment Group. Kevin received a BS from Wake Forest… Read full bio

Sarah G. Roth

CEO, Argosy Capital

Sarah G. Roth is CEO of Argosy Capital, a diversified $2.3B AUM lower middle market private equity firm, where she is responsible for firm strategy and leads the firm’s investor relations, compliance and IT functions. Sarah joined Argosy Capital in 2… Read full bio

Igor Rudfeld

SVP, Senior Direct Investment Controller, HarbourVest Partners

Igor Rudfeld joined HarbourVest’s accounting team in 1997 and became a direct investment controller in 2007. He is primarily responsible for overseeing the reporting and valuation of direct investments and co-investments. Igor is also involved in a r… Read full bio

Sebastien Sacre

COO of Private Capital Fund Services, Northern Trust

Sebastien Sacre is a Senior Vice President and the Chief Operating Officer of the Private Capital Fund Services division of Northern Trust North America. In that role, Sebastien is responsible for the day-to-day operations and further enhancement of… Read full bio

Vik Sawhney

Chief Administrative Officer, Blackstone

Vik Sawhney is Blackstone’s Chief Administrative Officer and Global Head of Investor Relations & Business Development. Before joining Blackstone in 2007, Mr. Sawhney worked as a Managing Director in the Financial Sponsors Group at Deutsche Bank,… Read full bio

Dean Schaffer

Managing Director, Alter Domus

Dean joined Alter Domus in June 2021 and is a Managing Director. Based in New York, Dean has over 20 years of experience in the financial industry. He joined Alter Domus through its acquisition of Investors Economic Assurance (IEA), a global leader i… Read full bio

Daren Schneider

CFO & CCO, JLL Partners, LLC

Daren Schneider, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, joined JLL Partners in 2018. Mr. Schneider, a finance professional with over 25 years of experience in private equity, plays a leading role in the firm's management, including ope… Read full bio

Todd Schneider

CFO & CCO, Delta Capital Partners Management LLC

Todd Schneider is the Chief Financial Officer & Chief Compliance Officer of Delta Capital and is responsible for investor reporting, regulatory compliance & reporting, tax, human resources, information technology, and office management. Prior… Read full bio

Béla Schwartz

CFO, The Riverside Company

With more than 30 years in private equity, Béla Schwartz has been the Chief Financial Officer at Riverside since 1998. Mr. Schwartz holds an MBA in finance from the University of Michigan; a master’s in music from Northwestern University and bachelor… Read full bio

KS Shah

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, WestBridge Capital

Kshitij ("KS") Shah, the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of WestBridge Capital, is based out of Silicon Valley. He has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. KS formerly served as Managing Director - Fina… Read full bio

Dinesh Shastri

Partner and Head of Product Development, OpEff Technologies

Mr. Shastri is the founding partner at OpEff Technologies which is an accounting technology and portfolio operations firm for hedge funds and private equity firms. Earlier in his days at OpEff Technologies he advised numerous investment management fi… Read full bio

Katie Stitch

Managing Director, W Capital Partners

Katie is a Managing Director at W Capital Partners, where she focuses on sourcing and evaluating new direct secondary and GP-led secondary transaction opportunities and managing the firm’s existing investments. Katie works with private equity GPs, ve… Read full bio

Lance Taylor

Partner and Chief Financial Officer, HGGC

Lance leads the Firm’s finance and accounting operations, provides leadership over the Firm’s human capital efforts and is involved in the day-to-day management of the Firm’s operations. Lance is a member of HGGC’s Management Committee and Valuation… Read full bio

Daisy Tung

Partner, Advisory, KPMG

Daisy Tung is a Partner with KPMG LLP within the Capital Markets Advisory practice. She has over 20+ years of experience advising large, global financial institutions with a proven track record in leading strategic and complex initiatives, reengineer… Read full bio

Jeanette Turner

Managing Director, Global Regulatory & Compliance Solutions, SEI

Jeanette Turner is Managing Director of Global Regulatory and Compliance within SEI’s Investment Manager Services division. Jeanette is an attorney with more than 15 years of experience working with the financial services industry. For 10 years, Jean… Read full bio

Katerina Tzouganatos

Principal, Deloitte

Katerina specializes in advising financial services companies on internal control matters to enhance their compliance, risk management, and governance programs. In her twenty year tenure within Deloitte’s Risk & Financial Advisory practice, she h… Read full bio

Stephen Wedemeyer

Chief Financial Officer, Carnelian Energy Capital

Mr. Wedemeyer is the Chief Financial Officer of Carnelian Energy Capital Management, L.P., where he oversees Carnelian’s accounting, finance and reporting functions. Prior to joining Carnelian, Mr. Wedemeyer was the Manager of Finance and Operations… Read full bio

Gerald Whelan

Tax Partner/Principal – EY Private Equity Tax Technical Leader, Ernst & Young LLP

Gerald is a New York based tax partner/principal in EY’s Financial Service Office with over 23 years of tax experience with EY. He is EY’s private equity (PE) US tax technical leader. Gerald also serves as EY’s US tax reform leader for PE and alterna… Read full bio

Irene Willard

Chief Financial Officer, Dunes Point Capital

Ms. Willard joined Dunes Point Capital in 2020. Prior to joining Dunes Point Capital, Ms. Willard was the Chief Financial Officer of The Raine Group’s Principal Business, where she developed the finance function for the Firm’s growth equity, venture… Read full bio

Alisa A. Wood

Member, Head of Private Market Strategies, KKR

Alisa A. Wood joined KKR in 2003 and is a Partner of the Firm. She leads the Private Market Strategies Group globally within KKR’s Client and Partner Group, looking after key product areas including private equity, infrastructure, energy real assets,… Read full bio

Patty Xu

CFO, Catalyst Investors

Patty is responsible for Catalyst’s accounting and reporting. Prior to joining Catalyst in 2012, Patty served as Vice President with JP Morgan Private Equity and Real Estate Fund Services where she managed a multimillion-revenue client relationship w… Read full bio

Mike Zack

Head of US Sales, Hazeltree

Mr. Zack joined Hazeltree in 2019 and is responsible for sales and presales for all US based clients. Prior to joining Hazeltree, Mike held a senior position at an early stage treasury management startup and help expand their business, globally. He h… Read full bio

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