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Join your peers on September 22-23 at the inaugural CFOs & COOs Forum West. As finance and operations executives navigate the current climate, we’ll cover timely and relevant topics that are of importance to CFOs and COOs today – including emerging topics in PE, operational due diligence, portfolio management, data strategy, carry & compensation, ESG, succession planning, tax updates and more.

This year’s virtual Forum features insightful keynotespanels, interactive discussions, live Q&Asthink tanks and more. Shape your experience with a customizable agenda providing AUM-based content and interaction with colleagues at similar-sized firms.

Key sessions for finance professionals

Think Tanks – promoting open dialogue and providing strategies to manage the increasing responsibilities of CFOs and COOs, these closed-door sessions are the key to your most pressing questions and challenges.

Breakout sessions – these in-depth sessions allow you to customize your agenda by selecting the topics most applicable for improving the finance and operations at your firm.

Exclusive Keynote interviews – influential industry leaders clear their schedules to sit down for candid and engaging conversations addressing a range of issues that assess and raise awareness of industry trends and the future of PE.

Networking – seize the opportunity to participate in invaluable peer-to-peer conversations with the community advancing the dialogue among today’s CFOs and COOs.

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Please note annual agenda is subject to change

2020 agenda

If you are interested in a speaking role, please contact Shamara Ray, Program Manager at

Day 1 Day 2
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Day 1 - Tuesday 22nd

CFOs & COOs Forum West 2020
08:00 - 08:45

Registration - continental breakfast

08:45 - 08:55

PEI welcome & chair's introduction

08:55 - 09:00

Chair's welcome

09:00 - 09:40

Keynote interview

09:40 - 10:30

The more things change… analyzing how the economic environment mirrors or differs from the last downturn

  • Taking a closer look at what occurs on the downside?
  • How do you keep firms afloat?
  • Is the merging of PE firms the answer in a downturn?
  • Assessing the solvency of PE firms
  • Exploring special financial structures and the role of secondaries
  • The future of supply and demand: will there be enough deals?
  • What’s the new normal? Has your office dynamic or how you manage talent changed?
  • Lessons learned and how to prepare for a similar situation in the future
10:30 - 11:00

Networking coffee break

11:00 - 11:50

Fundraising practices and investor relations in a bear market

  • CFO role in a fundraise—what’s changed in recent years?
  • How can the CFO add the most value during fundraising?
  • Track record guidelines to present in fundraising
  • Use of placement agents, the terms and pain points
  • What is a typical “pre-marketing” period prior to launching a new fund?
  • What role do CFOs play in finding potential LPs?
  • Establishing a successful dynamic between CFO/COO, GC, IR/Communications and partners for internal and external fundraising strategies
  • Buyside perspective around fundraising
  • AML procedures on LP investors in a fund – what are GPs doing?
11:50 - 12:40

Navigating the current tax environment

  • Tax update from a macro perspective
  • Two years later: examining the implications of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts
  • PE tax reform changes and the impact on interest tripping rules and bonus depreciation
  • Effectively managing tax issues at the portfolio level that flow up to the firm
  • Best practices for managing tax reporting process, flow and timeline
  • Assessing the carry rule and 3-year holding period
  • State and local tax update
  • Choice of entity: C-Corp vs flow-through
  • 2020 election: political risk and rates – will the corporate rate go up and what may change with sunset legislation?
  • Assisting the deal team with potential or scheduled changes in the legislation
  • Alternatives for working through the Families First Coronavirus Response Act
12:40 - 14:00

Networking luncheon

Breakout sessions
14:00 - 14:50

Track A | < $2B AUM: Secondary market GP-led fund restructurings

  • Secondary market update, pricing and valuation
  • How the GP market has evolved
  • Dealing with aging funds that need a solution
  • Providing options for LPs seeking a way to structure out
  • What is a typical restructuring timeline?
  • Due diligence framework necessary to get these types of deals done
  • What diligence do you need to be comfortable with the opportunity?
  • Determining why some transactions are succeeding and some are failing in the GP-led space
  • What are the keys to success in a GP-led transaction?
  • How to communicate effectively with LPs on the front end and through the process
  • Dissecting the approval process
14:00 - 14:50

Track B | $2B-$10B AUM: Benchmarking against the industry and comparable firms

  • What is a typical ratio of compensation to revenue? Operating statistics? Contribution margins?
  • When launching a new strategy, is it acceptable to lose money or break even?
  • Do you raise employee perks being offered to retain employees?
  • What structures are being used for employee co-investment vehicles that may preclude individuals from investing under SEC rules? Is leverage offered?
14:00 - 14:50

Track C | > $10B AUM: Taking stock of succession planning at your firm

  • Do you expect to see a succession event at your firm?
  • Succession considerations for small partnerships
  • Are firms being dissolved when older partners leave?
  • How do you unwind a firm?
  • What LPs miss or overlook when pressing for a succession plan
  • Inventive strategies for retaining next generation talent
  • Tackling friction between the generation at your firm
Breakout sessions
14:55 - 15:45

Track A | < $2B AUM: Innovative technology deployment and use in PE firms

  • What processes could benefit from the use of technology?
  • Emerging technologies making advances in data management, cyber risk, ESG and HR
  • Data technology and protection requirements
  • How technology is changing the way portfolio monitoring is conducted
  • Threats on the horizon: putting cyber measures in place to prepare you to meet risks
  • Cyber perspectives: how to protect the firm and change employee behavior
  • Ensuring all portfolio companies are as safeguarded as the firm from an IT and cyber perspective
  • Mitigating risk and enhancing transparency through real time data and LP reporting
  • Investment in network security for the remote workforce
  • New technologies and the remote workforce: what does the future state of your firm look like systems-wide?
  • Overcoming the trials and tribulations of implementing new technology
14:55 - 15:45

Track B | $2B-$10B AUM: Handling crisis management and risk management across firms and portfolios

  • Instituting robust risk management and communication strategies
  • Managing crisis and risk given different market dynamics
  • Are firms drawing fully on revolvers to ensure cash is readily available to run the business if credit markets go south?
  • Remote workforce productivity and morale
14:55 - 15:45

Track C | > $10B AUM: What you need to know about the tax and legal structuring of secondary transactions

  • An examination of secondary transactions in the market
  • How to take the firm and fund through the secondary process
  • Making the process more streamlined, pain points and lessons learned
  • Navigating the conflicts
  • LP appetite in making commitments in secondary funds
  • Secondary market and liquidity: how it plays a role in product structures
  • Secondaries market in private credit
  • Conducting secondary market valuations-how they differ
Plenary session
15:45 - 16:15

Networking coffee break

16:15 - 17:05

Rise or fall: how firms are utilizing credit facilities in the existing climate

  • What is the duration of the borrowing permitted?
  • What are UBTI concerns and how is that evolving?
  • Assessing which banks are good/bad/ideal to work with on subscription credit facilities
  • Becoming more customized to respond to LP credit line demands
  • Use of lines of credit and its impact on performance
  • The pros and cons of how large fund vs. smaller fund subscription lenders are behaving


17:05 - 18:30

Cocktail reception & end of day one


Day 2 - Wednesday 23rd

CFOs & COOs Forum West 2020
07:45 - 08:15

CFOS & COOs Think Tank (Invite Only)

Designed to facilitate candid discussion, this closed-door session for CFOs and COOs targets the issues and challenges impacting your firm. Attendees can benchmark ideas and share best practices to help you gain solutions for common concerns facing your office.

08:15 - 08:55

Continental breakfast

08:55 - 09:00

Chairman's opening remarks

09:00 - 09:45

Surveying valuation methodology and metrics

  • Conducting valuations in the current economic environment
  • How does your firm presently manage valuation?
  • Key considerations in revaluing assets
  • Is the CFO responsible for valuation or the deal team?
  • Making a case for having a separate valuation team within the firm—does size matter?
  • Unraveling the dynamics of valuation committees: dealing with governance and voting, conflict and varied points of view, and remediation strategies
  • Weighted average cost of capital: how the metric is put together
  • What are the best practices all firms should be implementing in valuing assets?
Think Tanks
09:50 - 10:40

Track A | < $5B AUM: Optimizing management company operations

  • The evolution of running a management company
  • Effective strategies for dealing with audit
  • Best practices for handling tracking
09:50 - 10:40

Track B | > $6B AUM: Optimizing management company operations

  • The evolution of running a management company
  • Effective strategies for dealing with audit
  • Best practices for handling tracking
Plenary session
10:40 - 11:10

Networking coffee break

11:10 - 12:00

Implementing an effectual process to approach and deal with ESG and diversity

  • How diversity, inclusion and ESG are merging into one large initiative
  • Evaluating the importance of a diversity and inclusion committee
  • Creating a D&I subcommittee within ESG
  • Addressing the pressure from investors, especially European, to implement ESG policies
  • Common ESG issues and practical solutions
  • Is your firm meeting the level of ESG diligence occurring within the industry?
  • Responding to LP demands for more information about diversity at the firm
  • Practical methods firms have discovered to improve diversity
  • Best practices for managing a hiring process
  • Taking qualitative steps to become more diverse and inclusive
  • How do you get buy-in from your entire organization to broaden the identity of your workplace?


12:00 - 12:50

Carry structuring and allocation approaches—an analysis of the tactics and models

  • Evaluating different types of carry currently being used across funds
  • How innovative plans work and methods for creating an ideal one for your firm
  • Creative carried interest solutions – in the LPA and internally in the firm
  • Carried interest and compensation: how do you compensate your employees?
  • Tax strategies for carried interest
12:50 - 13:30

Keynote interview

13:30 - 15:00

Buffet luncheon and end of conference

Please visit us soon for the announcement of our 2021 conference speakers.
If you are interested in a speaking role, please contact
Shamara Ray,
Program Manager at


Advisory Board Members

Melissa Dickerson

Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director, Operations, Genstar Capital

Melissa Dickerson is the Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director, Operations of Genstar Capital, responsible for finance & accounting, regulatory compliance, risk management, technology and administration. She joined Genstar in 2004. During… Read full bio

Jessica Duran

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, TSG Consumer Partners

Jessica Duran is the Chief Financial Officer & Chief Compliance Officer at TSG Consumer Partners, a San-Francisco based private equity firm which focuses exclusively on the branded consumer sector. Ms. Duran joined TSG from Deloitte, LLP where she wa… Read full bio

John Herr

Chief Financial Officer, Francisco Partners

John Herr is the Chief Financial Officer of Francisco Partners, responsible for all finance, accounting and tax matters for the firm and its private equity funds. Prior to joining Francisco Partners in 2009, John was the Controller and Chief Complian… Read full bio

Roy Kelvin

Chief Financial Officer, GI Partners

Roy Kelvin is the Chief Financial Officer of GI Partners. Prior to joining GI Partners, Mr. Kelvin served as the Chief Financial Officer of Vector Capital, a San Francisco-based registered investment advisory firm specializing in technology-related p… Read full bio

Patty Nykodym

Chief Financial Officer, FFL Partners

Patty Nykodym joined FFL as Chief Financial Officer in 2008. Patty manages all aspects of FFL’s accounting, tax, financial management, and reporting. She also serves as Chief Compliance Officer overseeing legal and regulatory compliance functions for… Read full bio

Stephanie Paine

Partner and Chief Financial Officer, Pritzker Private Capital

Stephanie Paine serves as the Partner and Chief Financial Officer for Pritzker Private Capital. In this role, she oversees the financial reporting, tax, treasury, management company budgeting and forecasting, human resources, and IT functions. Prior… Read full bio

Lance Taylor

Partner, Chief Financial Officer, HGGC

Mr. Taylor joined HGGC in May 2014 and serves as a Partner and the Chief Financial Officer overseeing the Firm’s finance and accounting operations. He also sits on the Firm’s Valuation Committee. Prior to joining HGGC, Mr. Taylor was Managing Directo… Read full bio
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