Q: What is CFO All Access?

A: CFO All Access, an annual subscription built on the back of a 20-year heritage of our CFO community, provides modern CFOs, COOs, and senior financial executives with monthly touchpoints of high-level content (including the renowned annual New York Forum) and access to knowledge sharing & community networking throughout the year.

Q: Who subscribes to CFO All Access?

A: The community is for everyone with strategic responsibility for driving finance & operation functions for their firm. This would include Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), Chief Operation Officers (COOs), Chief Accounting Officers (CAOs), Chief Investment Officers (CIOs), Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs), Vice Presidents and Directors of Finance, Controllers, Treasurers, Auditors, and Financial Risk Officers.

Q: How do I register for just the Annual CFOs and COOs Forum?

A: Registration to the Annual CFOs and COOs Forum is now a part of the yearly CFO All Access subscription. You need to be an active subscriber to CFO All Access to attend the Annual CFOs and COOs Forum.

Q: Why should I and/or my team subscribe now to CFO All Access?   

A: Beginning in January, subscribers will obtain access to knowledge sharing & community networking, plus be treated to a deep dive into the 8th annual global CFO and COO benchmarking survey results. Followed with a February panel on ‘The impact of the 2020 presidential election results on private equity’. Additionally, if you subscribe now, you’ll get the best rate for you and your team.

Q: If I can’t make every event live, will the content be recorded/on-demand to listen to at a future date?

A: Yes, as we know your time is very valuable, the content will be on-demand/recorded on the platform for ease of reference so you can be as involved as needed throughout the course of your subscription.

Q: Do you provide continuing professional education (CPE) credits for the events?

A: Subscribers will have the opportunity to earn continuing professional education (CPE) credits. CPE certificates will be awarded on a per request basis and according to NASBA standards. In order to be awarded the full credit hours, you must be present (live or virtually).

Q: As a subscriber to CFO All Access, can I message other subscribers and set up meetings with them?

A: Yes, the platform allows all year-round access to the community and not just in the windows of the events. You’ll be able to search and filter the subscribers of our community you want to meet with a similar focus, arrange a time to chat, and send them a meeting invite.

Q: What is included in the individual subscription/team subscription to CFO All Access?

A: The individual subscription includes access to attend the in-person event, plus all the monthly content delivered virtually on the platform & access to community networking.

A: The team subscription includes up to 5 team members in total having access to all the monthly content delivered virtually on the platform & access to community networking with one person being nominated to attend the in-person event. (Upcharges for additional in-person tickets are available)

Q: With the team subscription, can I add/substitute colleagues throughout the year during the subscription?

A: Yes, you can add up to a maximum of 5 colleagues at any time during your team’s subscription. However, you can only substitute a new colleague if one or more of the original 5 team members departs from your firm. Please contact bes.s@peimedia.com for more information.

Q: Can the subscription to CFO All Access start at any time during the year?

A: Yes, your subscription can begin at any time and last for 12 months. Access to the platform and the networking community launches in early January, however you can join in any month for a 12-month rolling access.

Q: When will my subscription start?

A: Your subscription will start in early January with access to the platform and the networking community followed by the first deep dive into the 8th annual global CFO and COO benchmarking survey results. (Be advised that subscription access to the platform will be provided from the day you purchase – not from the beginning of the following month).

Additional Questions?

If you have a question that isn’t covered above, please feel free to contact us directly at bes.s@peimedia.com